How To: Work With a Stylist (And How It Can Save Your Business)

by Laurie Graham,
Ladies Who Launch member, Los Angeles

You’ve worked very hard to create your business, spent
endless hours perfecting your product, and now it’s time to take
your idea to market. But are YOU as polished looking as your sleek and glossy brochures?

Your personal image is the first impression a potential client, vendor, or investor will have of your business. Does your image project an air of success, professionalism, and cutting-edge style? Or do you come across as dated, tired, and behind-the-times? When it comes time for those coveted media appearances, will you be ready to make a lasting impression?

If your appearance is sloppy, people will assume that your product or your services are sloppy too. You can have the most impeccable work ethic in the business and an amazing product, but if your appearance is disheveled you will have a hard time being taken seriously. Dress, talk, and act like the person you want to become.

But what if you just have no clue as to how to put an amazing “power outfit” together, or even where to shop for clothing and accessories with that “Wow Factor?” Then it’s probably time to hire a stylist. A stylist can teach you how to customize a signature look that best suits your lifestyle, personality, body type, and ultimate fashion goals.

Here are the top five questions to ask once you’ve decided to hire a stylist:

1. Does the stylist look polished and effortlessly fabulous him/herself?

Would you hire a personal trainer with flabby arms and a rump bigger than your own? Hardly! That is why it’s so important to investigate whether or not your potential stylist has a look that you admire or that leaves you wary of their judgment. If they can’t optimize their own appearance, then I would be hesitant to think that they are capable of handling yours.

2. Do you feel a good rapport with this person? Are they pleasant, a good listener, and informative?

Working with a stylist is an intimate experience. You should not feel intimidated by their personality or belittled for your own opinions. A good stylist should be willing to take the time to get to know you and your lifestyle before the process begins. Make sure that you feel like the communication lines are wide open for even your “silliest” of questions.

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