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How To: Sell Your Service in 3 Easy Steps

September 22nd, 2008 · 9 Comments

Selling a service is very different from selling a physical product, because it’s an inanimate object. Buyers want to know they’re getting something wonderful for their money, but you have only words to describe what you offer. So be sure to choose them wisely.

Challenge: How do you articulate your value proposition such that you make money? If you follow this simple, quick, and methodical approach, you will have developed your pitch and be able to effectively sell your service.

1. Name your service so that the name alone piques a buyer’s interest and generates appeal for your company. What I mean by naming your service is that you define the value you provide in a unique way that goes beyond the performance of the activity.

In order to name it properly, define what it is you do that someone else would rather pay you to do. For example: The service I provide is to take care of animals for busy people who want the best for their pet. Are you a dog walker/sitter only, or a pet caretaker? See the difference?

2. Highlight the special ways that you orchestrate or deliver your service and assign your service some descriptive terms. What is special about you and why do people like to work with you when they need this particular thing done? If you get stuck on this part, ask supportive family members and friends for some ideas.

You might be really awestruck at some of the answers you receive. When you hear wonderful qualities about yourself, own them and use them. For example: When people hire me to take care of their animals, I spend time nurturing the pets and creating a space in the home for the animals’ enrichment. Clients tell me their pets are much more loving when they get home because of my special touch.

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