How To: Screen Job Applicants Using Technology

You will also be amazed what a simple Google search will reveal. Some may object to these searches, but I rely on employees to exercise good judgment and to understand that they represent my business. Online posts are public. Questionable content generated by an employee could affect your reputation.

Screening Tip #2: E-mail!

I e-mailed my remaining four candidates and, because people were generally very willing to respond with their thoughts, I received some insightful information that would have taken hours to gather over the phone. I was able to exclude one of the candidates and learned that the other three were highly regarded.

Resumes contain references with e-mail addresses. Use them. You will be pleasantly surprised how much people will tell you.

Use Technology to Detect Timeliness

I used the pre-interview period to learn how quickly my candidates would respond to communications. I asked them to e-mail or call me within 48 hours if they were interested in the position. Two responded within a few hours and the other in four days. I had two candidates left.

Launchers are busy and our time is precious. We need to know that employees will respond when they are needed.

Trust Yourself

Technology helped me to narrow my search in a very short time to two outstanding candidates. But once the interviews started, I just let my instincts take over. Don’t forget that you know your business best and that technology is only a tool to help you gather information quickly. In the end, business is still all about people. So trust yourself to make the right choice!

Tanya Gagnon is a member of the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ, Incubator and the founder of Miss Details Design.

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