Fresh Entrepreneur

Fresh Entrepreneur


  • You have clarity on your idea, project or a dream.
  • You have had a business for a while but it really hasn’t achieved anywhere near the success you imagined.
  • Or, you may be a seasoned business owner and you know that your business and you are ready to evolve to the next level of growth and success.
  • It is time for you to Launch to the Next Level. It’s Time for A Modern Business Model We Call: Fresh Entrepreneur

    “Why Fresh Entrepreneur? It’s an idea whose time has come. It’s time to change the face of business with women leading the way. It’s a modern way of looking at business which is updated and inclusive of the authentic way businesses get started, are grown and evolve.” says Laura West, Creator of Fresh Entrepreneur

    In the Fresh Entrepreneur business model there are 7 Essentials you need to know.

    Core Essentials
    1. Discovering Your Personal Brand Essence
    2. Claiming Your Life Mission and Vibrant Vision Statement
    3. Creating Ideal Amazing Client Relationships

    Business Growth Essentials
    4. Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue
    5. Fresh Marketing
    6. Creating Your Success Support Team
    7. Inspired Action Plan

    “Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open.” Thomas Dewar Open your mind and join us on the Fresh Entrepreneur journey now!