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Beth Schoenfeldt and Amy Swift

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As we watched Harriet Miers accept the Supreme Court nomination, our first
thought wasn’t “is she really a conservative?” or “will she overturn Roe vs.
Wade?”, or even “is she really the best possible candidate that Bush could
find? Our first question was, why does her black eyeliner resemble Keith
Richards? And where (or rather why) did she get that outfit? Our point is
that sometimes content can be obscured by a distracting, dated or
inappropriate style. There is a reason that celebrities spend the big bucks
on stylists. When Renee Zellweger, Julia Roberts and even style icon Nicole
Kidman first moved to Hollywood they were known for the opposite style
savvy, but with the help of professionals, they now consistently make the
best dressed list. As a result, they get better jobs, make more money and
suffer much less ridicule than say Daryl Hannah or Britney Spears, who can’t
seem to get it together even with all the resources in the world. For
example, Michael Moore’s recent clean-up lends credibility to a voice that
has previously been shrouded in baseball caps and sloppy gym clothes and
Hilary Clinton managed to make a complete turnaround from frumpy to
politically correct sophistication that serves her well for her ambitions.
We’re not advocating conformity; au contraire. Bjork has a personal style
that could very well startle a circus freak, but as an avant-garde artist it
works perfectly for her. Here are a few suggestions for Ms. Miers that you
may find helpful:

1. Personal style sends a message. What are you trying to say to the
world? Is that coral lipstick you’ve been wearing since college still
working for you? Does your suit scream “sale at Talbot’s”? Are you dressing
more like a legal secretary than the Supreme Court candidate that you are?
The book “Dress for Success” was right on when they said that how you
present yourself has a direct correlation to your ability to advance in the
world, so even if you think it is shallow, your presentation IS worth some
time, attention and investment.

2. Have FUN. The only way to develop a unique and effective style is to
experiment and try new things. Do something that makes you happy when you
catch a glimpse of your reflection, take a risk by trying something that you
have seen in the fashion magazines but were always afraid to wear or branch
out and wear red instead of black. Fashion and style are forms of
expression, so make sure that yours is communicating what you are really

3. Get help. Don’t be embarrassed if it just isn’t your forte…not
everyone is even interested in such things. Luckily there are people out
there that can help you craft a look that reflects your style, persona and
aspirations. Image consultants, personal stylists or even a talented friend
can help you shop or put things together in a new way, so don’t be afraid to
ask for help. Harriet, we suggest you dial 411 to our friends Jenny Gering
at www.go-lightly.com, Allison Berlin at www.stylemadesimple.net or if you
are in LA call West Coast Style Council at 917-208-8306.


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