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Looking for women’s small business financing for a start up or established business? Financing isn’t always a fun subject for women, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. Find resources to help secure a small business loan for women in business online with Ladies Who Launch. We help women find business loans and financing to ensure their long-term business success. Many women dread the thought of business financing. But the tools, documents and articles in this section will help you navigate this essential part of building a financially sound business. Angel investors, budget worksheets, bookkeeping and financing pitches are all covered in order to keep you on track.

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  • FACTORING BUYER’S GUIDE: During the process of factoring, a business sells its invoices at a discount to a financial institution, a “factor,” thus generating cash quickly, allowing it to invest and grow. Is factoring right for your business?
    The Benefits of this income-building option.

  • CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: No matter how high-quality your product is, if paying for it is a hassle for potential customers, you’re going to lose business. Giving people the option of paying by credit card can certainly solve this problem, but is not something to take lightly. It’s important to understand the fees involved, how to choose the right credit processing service, and how accepting credit will affect your business.
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  • RESOURCES AND WEBSITE We highly recommend these organizations, which focus specifically on financing and training for women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs.

    * Springboard Enterprises: Exceptence into these forums is competitive and for those who want to take their business to the next level. if you are interested in raising venture capital, presenting at a springboard forum is a great way to start the process. Learn more about these programs and Springboard’s famous bootcamp, where you learn to create a compelling pitch for your business.

    * Golden Seeds: This organization invests in women-led businesses with the potential for major growth. Criteria to qualify is rigorous and you can submit your business plan online.

    * Count Me In: This non-profit organization provides support and access to financing through their Make Mine A Million contest. Great choice for those who would prefer take out a loan rather than giving up equity.

    See articles below to get educated on types of financing that might be right for you.

    Angel Investors vs Venture Capital
    Development Budget Worksheet
    Writing The Grant Proposal

    Bootstrapping: Read this Blog, one of our favorites on bootstrapping your business.
    Debt Financing: The Pros & Cons.

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