Daily LaunchTip: Would you work for free?

From Victoria Colligan, Founder, Ladies Who Launch


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Would you work for free? or Would you still be doing what you are doing if…
Would you still be doing what you’re doing if you weren’t getting paid?

Here’s the one question you will answer in the affirmative if you’ve truly chosen the right career, or let’s just say “your true passion”. Would you work for free? Sure it’s hypothetical but ask yourself anyway, answering rationally, not emotionally. Really get down to brass tacks and ask yourself, “If I weren’t getting paid would I have the strength to weather a cash flow crisis? Spend 20 hours on my feet at trade shows? Confront a contentious employee?” In these uncertain economic times this might sound radical but it’s a mindset that works. Try it and if the answer is “no”, take a moment to reevaluate what’s important to you and how you are spending your time.

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