Daily LaunchTip: Why people buy (and why they don’t).

Oooh La La Selling: How To Attract Customers FAST! Webinar

Oooh La La Selling: How To Attract Customers FAST!= Are you struggling to sell the way your bosses taught you? Do you feel like the old systems don’t work anymore? Kim Duke felt the same way and has dedicated her life to research, test, and learn what it REALLY takes to make sales EASY, FUN, and PROFITABLE. Register Now


So often we have a great idea, perhaps even a great product that we have worked on for years to develop and perfect. However, when it comes to finding customers, we may become so frustrated that we act out of desperation, even frustration. How do we avoid “chasing” customers and instead facilitate “attracting” them? Understanding the psychology around why people buy (and why they don’t), along with the most common sales mistakes and the most effective sales strategies, are key to building any successful venture. Tomorrow’s webinar and expert host might be of interest to you if you are looking for sales advice that really works (really), as well as powerful marketing tools that have a direct impact on revenue growth. The webinar will also address how to establish credibility, a key component to effective selling and establishing your brand and your name. Learn more and decide if this webinar is right for you. I’m personally inviting you to join me this week on the path to growth.


FLOOD OF FASHION -REBUILDING NASHVILLE ONE CLOSET AT A TIME After the 1,000 year flood that washed away homes in Middle Tennessee, Ladies Who Launch and Point 3 Media have partnered to rebuild lives. Ladies, step up to help your fellow launchers and all those affected by the devastation in Nashville. HELP!

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