Daily LaunchTip, November 3, 2009

From Victoria Colligan, Founder, Ladies Who Launch

This Week:  Webinar – Launch Your Book

Have you been planning to write a book but just can’t seem to get it done? Proven Strategies and Step-by-Step Guidance to Get That Book Out of Your Head and into the World! A book can be the bridge to media attention, business growth, and expert status, making the difference between struggle and success for a business woman. Make sure to join us by registering.

LaunchTip: Being a mom has its challenges that extend far beyond the obvious. I spend a great deal of time trying to figure out what my role is exactly to ensure the happiness of my girls. The process is constantly evolving but here’s what I’ve come up with and why it matters: Parenting is not about excessively influencing your children, but rather about protecting them from the influences that could threaten their authenticity. In fact, preserving their authenticity is probably the single biggest thing we can do for our children. When we launch a business, especially one rooted in passion, we open ourselves up to rediscovering our authenticity; the more we do so, the more successful we are. If you can find ways to protect your children from the loss of their authentic selves, you are positioning them for success, setting them up to get ahead, and offering the possibility of their being able to ultimately create a life that is truthful and fulfilling. And that makes all the difference when the ultimate goal is happiness.



The Small Business Administration has calculated that the smallest companies spend 45% more than larger companies per employee each year to comply with federal regulations, and 37% more on employee tax accounting and computation. Why is compliance with tax laws and other regulations so expensive for small businesses? One reason is that bookkeepers and payroll services don’t always come cheap, and so many small business owners choose to process payroll themselves, learning as they go. That decision can result in costly penalties when mistakes are made. So what’s a small business owner to do when confronted with the costs of payroll outsourcing versus the time and resources it takes to process payroll him- or herself? Find out costs to outsource a payroll company before the year end to help process taxes and close statements without any mistakes.
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A book can be the bridge to media attention, business growth, and expert status, making the difference between struggle and success for a business woman.