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Oooh La La Selling: How To Attract Customers FAST!

Oooh La La Selling: How To Attract Customers FAST!= Are you struggling to sell the way your bosses taught you? Do you feel like the old systems don’t work anymore? Kim Duke felt the same way and has dedicated her life to research, test, and learn what it REALLY takes to make sales EASY, FUN, and PROFITABLE. Register Now


It’s no secret that I am a huge advocate of meditation as a fundamental launching tool. For years I have been meditating using binaural beats—a brainwave technology that entrains your brain and ultimately shifts your perspective—the road to bliss and success is paved for you just by listening to mismatched tonal frequencies via stereo headset! With a clear mind and higher levels of awareness, decision-making that serves you and your goals becomes easier and much more obvious. If you have never tried meditating or if you are currently meditating but want to boost results to new heights, try the Meditation Program which I’ve found to be one of the best available due to its low price point and quick results (the entire program takes as few as 8 weeks, as compared with other programs that can take as long as 8 years). What I also love about this program for us time-starved entrepreneurs who feel we can’t fit one more thing into our hectic schedules is that you can start slow, go at your own pace and integrate sessions slowly over time. Discover how the Meditation Program can change your life and catapult your success.


FLOOD OF FASHION -REBUILDING NASHVILLE ONE CLOSET AT A TIME After the 1,000 year flood that washed away homes in Middle Tennessee, Ladies Who Launch and Point 3 Media have partnered to rebuild lives. Ladies, step up to help your fellow launchers and all those affected by the devastation in Nashville. HELP!

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