Daily LaunchTip, April 27, 2009

From Victoria Colligan, Founder, Ladies Who Launch

Admittedly, I have a mild obsession with Disney and it’s not just because my girls love Hannah Montana. The truth is that Disney is one of the most strategic entertainment companies I’ve ever observed and I look forward to seeing what their next business move will be, that is, if I am not too blindsided by their genius to notice. In fact it took me months to realize that comedy show Zac and Cody’s Suite Life on Deck doubles as a subliminal promotion for Disney Cruises, or that behind the scenes previews of upcoming movies and shows serve to build your relationship with the characters and intensify your anticipation of the launch. Disney executives either have the highest IQ’s in the entertainment industry or they are just really good collaborators of integrative strategies that do everything from force you to watch the second half of a movie on your computer, driving traffic to their website, to creating extremely short interlude comedies that mimic a generation of text messagers and short attention spans, ultimately redefining television for our youth as our youth would define it in other mediums. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from emulating Disney is this: Don’t make a single move without agenda or strategy behind you. Whatever you do, do it right, do it with purpose, and make your efforts count.

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