STRATA Member – Christina O’Keeffe

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STRATA Member Christina O’Keeffe – LookOut Communications…

Cristina Lopez-O’Keeffe is the founder of LookOut Communications. Since she was seven years old, Cristina has pursued creative writing in its various forms: poetry, essays and book-length creative non-fiction. Under her pen name, Cristina T. Lopez, her writing has appeared in both print and online anthologies.

In 2008, Cristina started LookOut Communications as a business to help other businesses. The idea was to create an enterprise that reflected both sides of her writing personality: the creative fun of writing and the rush that comes from good business prose. For information on LookOut Communications, please check out the business solutions area of our site.

The name LookOut comes from a combination of her pen and maiden name (Lopez) and her business and married name (O’Keeffe). Lo and OK combined to spell Look. The name LookOut has come to mean a business that is always vigilant and ready to meet the needs of its diverse clientele.

The mission of LookOut Communications is to enable small businesses to express their visions through flexible, affordable copy writing services. By making your relationship with a copywriter a reasonable and comfortable experience, we believe we create an environment that yields a better final product. When our clients are at ease, we can communicate better and understand their true needs.

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