STRATA Success – Susie Shina

From a Vision Board to Her First TV Pilot.

STRATA Member Susie Shina – Be Fit Enough

Susie Shina

Women entrepreneurs throw themselves into business… and stop taking care of themselves. They don’t eat right, don’t sleep well, don’t have time to exercise and often neglect important self-care. I help these women reconnect with ‘the other stuff’ so their businesses skyrocket. My name is Susie Shina and I’m a lifestyle strategist. I provide products and services for women to Be Fit Enough with simple 10-minute fitness, nutrition, stress reduction and self-care strategies. My Fit for Biz program was specifically created for women to get a body they love right in their home office!

I created a mom-entrepreneur makeover show and just filmed the first TV pilot episode! I’ve been working for years to give women a sustainable program to be fit enough to love life. It’s very exciting to see my dream of reaching millions become a reality. The entrepreneurial life can be lonely when you’re tucked away in your home office all day – this show gives me the ability to help countless women achieve a healthy weight, reduce stress, eat better and start putting themselves first.

Be Fit Enough

After writing my book, Fit Enough, I cut out a picture of a TV and put my picture in it for my vision board. Everyday at my desk, imagined how exciting it would be to show women how to get more out of business simply by taking care of themselves. When the opportunity came for me to pitch the show idea to a producer I had no doubt the timing was perfect. Now the lifestyle strategies I use with private clients can help transform the lives of women I’d never be able to reach before now.

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STRATA Member – Nazira Sacasa

NYC STRATA Member Nazira Sacasa
launches Shout Social a PR and Social Media Marketing Agency

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Nazira SacasaNoticing a niche for an agency that fused traditional public relations with new media, Nazira Sacasa launched
Shout Social
in order to provide clients with social media strategies that seamlessly integrate with traditional media. Understanding the importance of moving into the digital space, while simultaneously being involved in offline conversations, Nazira leveraged this opportunity to launch an agency that takes a unique approach to Public Relations.

Nazira’s passion goes beyond helping her clients generate exposure, she loves seeing first hand the dramatic results that strategic and smart PR campaigns can offer a brand. Making exciting strides in the world of public relations, Nazira has worked both in-house and for top public relations firms. Her clients have included some of the most recognizable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. With her diverse experience in the industry, Nazira offers a fresh approach and provides her clients with the in-house attention they deserve in an agency setting.

Shout SocialShout Social prides itself on providing hands-on, individual attention to our clients, staying true to their message, and sharing their story. We don’t just advise you, we listen to your needs and aspirations, and then offer inspiration and a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals. We specialize in creating stronger identities and achieving solid market positioning – working with both established brands and start-ups.

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STRATA Success – Melissa Crane

STRATA Member Melissa Crane

Melissa Crane, Founder Dotdot, Dash of EastFounder/Creative Director/Blogger
DotDot Interactive/Dash of East,

Melissa Crane is the founder and creative director of DotDot Interactive, a creative design and interactive marketing agency that provides solutions for businesses of all sizes. They provide services ranging from web design to flash development to commercial photography. Over the past couple years, DotDot Interactive has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from start up ventures to Fortune 500 corporations. Whatever your vision may be, let DotDot Interactive help you bring it to life!

They also love giving back to the community whenever they can. DotDot Interactive has also participated in walks and runs benefiting research for Autism, breast cancer and leukemia.

farmers MarketMelissa is also a blogger at Dash of East. Melissa has always been a fan of Asian food and culture. Blame it on her parents who owned a Chinese restaurant or the countless kung fu movies that she watched as a child. Okay, not exactly. She wasn’t always a fan of Asian culture. Melissa was one of maybe three Asian kids growing up in Southwest Virginia. It was rough being different in a rural Appalachia. Can you imagine?

Now, almost 15 years later, Melissa has come to adore her heritage and Asian culture. In this gal’s humble opinion, you can’t find tastier (and healthier) food than in Asian cuisine. And where are you going to find something that so deftly combines grace and athleticism than martial arts? At Dash of East, they explore tasty recipes, martial art fitness benefits, healthy living and community events among many, many other things. They also produce and coordinate cooking demos, restaurant events and Asian market tours. Go see Dash of East in action at The Whistle Stop Farmers Market in historic Norcross, Georgia on Tuesday evenings, starting in June!

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STRATA Success – Barbara Biziou

STRATA Member Barbara Biziou – Joy of Ritual

Barbara Biziou - Joy of Ritual

Barbara gives you the tools to make simple choices that lead to big changes. As the author of The Joy of Ritual, and The Joys of Family Rituals, she is a leading expert in integrative wellness, global rituals and work-life harmony. She has had the privilege of lecturing around the world and learning from many different cultures. Barbara has a deep commitment to integrating practical spirituality into people’s lives, both personally and professionally. Barbara’s DVD program Momentary Meditations has taught people how to calm their minds and bodies while improving their focus and creativity. She guides her clients to a happier, harmonious, more productive, and successful life. She coaches women and men to create new possibilities and ways of looking at the world — gently stretching you out of your comfort zone into a more enriched focused life. Barbara helps you discover your limiting beliefs and ignite significant change and life transformation through effective and strategic communication, practical spirituality, and relationship building skills. Through coaching skills, voice dialogue and tarot readings, she moves you to the next level of success.

Barbara Biziou

Her clients range from young powerful women and men who appear to have it all, housewives, young mothers, and baby-boomers in transitions — from goddess warriors to bottle-washers. Barbara has enriched the lives of a wide-range of corporate clients including: the International Red Cross, Lippe Taylor, Women in Communication, Lord & Taylor, Coca-Cola, Avon Spa, Morgan Stanley, Equinox Gym and Weight Watchers. She is on the faculty of the AMA, Creating WE Institute, One Spirit Learning Alliance and the New York Open Center.

Barbara is a renowned national TV personality, she was the featured life coach on the hit series 30 Day airing on FX, and appeared regularly as the everyday ritual expert on The Hallmark Channel’s New Morning. Barbara has also been featured in Today in NY, Body& Soul, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine and Parents Magazine. She is passionate about helping people understand their respective selves and live the life of their dreams!

As an interfaith Minister and spiritual counselor, Barbara creates personal and group rituals for all occasions including weddings, commitment ceremonies, baby blessings, birthdays, rites of passage, healing, divorce and break-ups, new home, prosperity and success and business blessings.

She was recently featured in OPRAH.COM in an article on Divorce Rituals.

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STRATA Success – Buffie Jubard

STRATA Member Buffie Jubard – M3 Inc. and Stella & Dot Style

Buffie Jubard, Stella & Dot

Buffie Jubard, is the owner of M3, Inc, a full service event planning company, and a Stella & Dot Stylist. And whether she is helping a client plan an event or plan an outfit, Buffie’s multiple businesses allow her to bring a passion for creativity, attention to detail, and making everyone she meets feel “amazing” to the world of entrepreneurship. Buffie Jubard started her Stella & Dot business for one simple reason: fear. With the economy turning upside down, she knew finding a job would be difficult in the hospitality industry, and she really wanted to work around her children’s schedule. Buffie found Stella & Dot Jewelry, a boutique jewelry line with a home-based business model and a set of tools that offered her a way to start and run a business for a low cost.

Stella & Dot
At first, Buffie thought Stella & Dot would be a nice supplement to her family income; however, within a very short period of time, she realized that this new business venture was literally THE opportunity of her lifetime. On April 23, Buffie celebrated her 1 year anniversary with Stella & Dot and is working to help other women around the country achieve their dreams of financial freedom. Stella & Dot is a boutique line of jewelry that is fun, stylish and affordable. Stella & Dot designs are a favorite of celebrities and have been featured in many national magazines such as InStyle, Oprah, and Redbook. With a home-based business model, Stella & Dot offers an opportunity that combines the best of direct sales with the ease of e-commerce and social networking to create a business that is more flexible and lucrative, fun and stylish, all built on a foundation of irresistible product and exceedingly personal service.

Buffie is all about the little details and multitasking. She loves to show women how to take a great piece of jewelry and wear it in a variety of ways: everyday casual look, work, evening. Her goal: “I want a woman to feel amazing when she puts on anything Stella & Dot.” Visit to see the Stella & Dot line and to learn more about how to work with Buffie.

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STRATA Success – Marilyn J. Magett

STRATA Member Marilyn J. Magett – CRS Financial Management

Marilyn Magett, CRS Financial Management Solutions

For the cost of a staff accountant, you can run your finance and accounting departments like a Fortune 500 company with CRS Financial Management. CRS’s process provides accurate, timely, and cost-effective accounting, customized to the growth and operation needs of your business. We guarantee clients will reduce expenses, improve cash flows, improve financial and performance ratios, get more bankable and gain peace of mind. We deliver balance sheet integrity, custom analysis and reporting, comparable industry data so clients can create action plans to improve operations. We even train clients’ staff on the new process.

CRS Financial Management Solutions was created to bring big business thinking to small businesses with revenues between $500,000 and $15 million who want to grow, or simply improve, operations and profitability. CRS currently supports businesses with more than $100 million on their combined balance sheets after only 18 months in business.

CRS Financial Management Solutions
Marilyn J. Magett, principal, has more than 25 years experience in financial management, reporting, planning, and control in a variety of industries. She has particular expertise in strategic financial management and the design of practical solutions for financial and operational issues. Prior to consulting, Marilyn served as Chief Financial Officer of a bank, Corporate Controller of a technology manufacturing firm, as well as Controller of several manufacturing and distribution firms. She has experience with organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, in roles ranging from individual contributor to senior executive. Marilyn received her B.S. in accounting and financial planning from the State University of New York and her Executive MBA from Baruch College, City University of New York.

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STRATA Success – Arwa Jumkawala

STRATA Member Arwa Jumkawala – GemKitty Jewelry

Arwa Jumkawala, Gemkitty

Arwa’s earliest memories have her crawling among multi-colored gemstones such as garnets, amethysts, and topaz of various shapes and sizes. Her parents, wholesalers of semi-precious gemstones, immersed their daughter in this vivid world.

In 2007, while living in Washington DC, Arwa decided to combine her love of jewelry design, and entrepreneurship by starting her own business. She participated in an incubator intensive that she credits as the catalyst for refining her business idea: Gemkitty Jewelry, a website where you become the designer and customize your own gemstone jewelry with a few mouse clicks.

“The vision really came together after seeing my female friends struggle to find jewelry that easily transitioned from day to night. I wanted to create a fun and easy way for them to design the perfect necklace,” says Arwa. “Also, when you’re involved in the creative process, the resulting product has much more meaning than one you just buy off the rack.”


Working as a pilates instructor by day and on her business by night, she officially launched’s online jewelry designer in the fall of 2009. Since launch, she’s been excited to see a steady growth in sales.

Running a start-up has been an exhilarating experience for Aria. “I’ve learned so much in the last two years; I’ve dabbled in everything from basic accounting to online marketing. I really love what I do, not only running the business, but crafting jewelry that I know is exactly what the customer envisioned.”

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STRATA Success – Cory Ceizler, The Weather

STRATA Member Cory Ceizler – The Weather Stylist

Cory Ceizer

“What is the weather like outside?” “What do I wear today?”
This is how the founders of The Weather Stylist characterize the situation many women face while deciding outfits for the day and week ahead, packing clothes for an upcoming trip or picking outfit options for the upcoming weekend. The Weather Stylist iphone application and is a must have tool that picks the ideal outfit based on the current weather conditions for over 25,000 cities in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as 500 international cities.

The Weather Stylist and The Weather Stylist iphone application offers:

* A variety of outfit options to fit weather forecasts, including must have clothing and accessories.
* Travel deals, destination information and packing tips.
* Information on the latest designer steals and deals.
* News updates & much more!

It’s like having a personal stylist 24/7!

The Weather StylistCory Ceizler was born in NYC and grew up in Los Angeles. Andrea (The Weather Stylist Partner) and Cory met at Boston University and lived together in NYC after college. Both ladies needed to learn how to dress for the winter and the unpredictable east coast weather. Cory was always the girl getting caught without an umbrella when a nor’easter hit or wearing her down jacket on the only warm day in February. The Weather Stylist began as an idea over nightly dinners in their cramped apartment. After talking to their friends and some research, Cory and Andrea realized that many women have trouble getting dressed in the morning because they did not know what the weather felt like. They began saving money from their PR jobs and putting it toward developing a Web-site and iphone application that would upstage weathermen due to the fierce combination of forecasts and fashion.

The Weather Stylist and The Weather Stylist iphone application officially launched in January 2010. The Weather Stylist website is meant to be more of a one-stop-shop, offering information beyond weather and outfit ideas. At, readers can not only get weather information and outfit ideas, but also news updates, travel information, and updates on the latest designer sales. The iPhone application is a quick and easy way to just get weather information and outfit ideas. They use the same weather information as and put together outfits that are flattering to most body types. Their priority is to pick out outfits that make a women feel comfortable, beautiful, fashionable and sexy.

Since launch, Cory and Andrea have used mostly PR, social networking and word of mouth method to grow the site. They have had up to 26,000 page views a week and have been approached by several companies to expand The Weather Stylist. The Weather Stylist is now a full time career and has been featured in The Chicago Sun Times, Simply The Best Magazine, The Charleston Concierge, The Las Vegas Review Journal, CheckYou Daily and more. We have also been on,,,,, and Cory’s goal is to team up with the news shows and have The Weatherman not only give the weather, but an outfit for that day!

At 23, Cory never imagined having a flourishing company, but she is so excited to see what is to come!

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STRATA Success – Jackie Crino

STRATA Member Jackie Crino – PURLs Made Easy™

Margot Tohn

PURLs Made Easy™ is the revolutionary direct-response marketing system that allows users to create Personalized URLs and Personalized Landing Pages for each one of their prospects and/or customers, featuring variable text, images, links, opt-in forms, surveys, and even video and sound. A typical PURL looks like: “” or “”

Users typically invite their contacts to their respective PURLs via a VDP (variable data print) direct mail postcard or an email blast using a third-party system.

PURLs Made Easy™ also allows users to create [Generic] URLs and Landing Pages, which allow visitors to access the same content as a personalized URL campaign, but instead from a static (“same to all”) domain name and landing page. Generic URLs/landing pages are the ideal direct-response marketing channel for all mass media marketing, including print and web ads, social media websites, blog posts, and broadcast media (TV and radio).


The idea to develop PURLs Made Easy™ was born and outlined in early 2008… Jackie Crino was the Director of Marketing for an international marketing consulting firm based in NYC, working at the forefront of the marketing technology industry; training senior executives and sales teams of multi-million dollar print and direct mail services companies on how to integrate cutting-edge online and offline direct marketing methods to boost marketing response rates and returns on investments; and playing an integral role in the strategy, design, implementation, and testing of direct-response marketing campaigns on behalf of dozens of medium-sized to Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. During this amazing time in her career, there were two major emerging 21st Century marketing technologies, which were easily identifiable as the secret missing ingredients in developing the most effective marketing plans for business growth. These 21st Century marketing technologies are: Personalized URLs (PURLs) and Generic URLs (GURLs). Jacki became very intrigued with the power of these technologies in boosting marketing response rates and effectiveness; so by the end of 2008, she decided to leave Corporate America for good and embark on her entrepreneurial endeavor to put together a system that made these 21st Century marketing technologies (namely PURLs) – which before only existed at a price-point appropriate for medium and large-sized companies – accessible, affordable, and easy-to-implement for any solo professional or entrepreneur. Out of that need, PURLs Made Easy™ was born as the first company under Daydreamer Enterprises, LLC – our parent company.

Since their official launch in January 2010, PURLs Made Easy™ has been experiencing a healthy growth of new accounts made up of business owners and solo professionals from a vast array of industries – all while only having scratched the surface of their marketing plan. However, the biggest success this early in the game has been truly mastering the integration of the “best of the best” teams of people and marketing tools and technologies into everything that is PURLs Made Easy™ (a major challenge for most start-up technology companies). Today, their marketing system is nothing short of exceptional; everything is “on point,” and they are very proud of the fact that they can offer their customers – consisting of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solo professionals – the industry’s best 21st Century PURL and GURL landing page marketing system, along with the best team of marketing strategists and programmers to provide top-notch support and innovation and maintain and surpass the standard of being a remarkable modern company now and into the future.

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STRATA Success – Margot Tohn

STRATA Member Margot Tohn – Park It!

Margot Tohn

Park It!, founded by Margot Tohn, helps New Yorkers find monthly parking for their cars. Just put in a request at our website and more than 600 garages will put in their best offers in less than 24 hours. Whether you want to pay $200 or $700 or need just one space or 40 spaces for your company employees, they’ve got great deals for you. Park It! is expanding to all major cities soon, so stay tuned!

Park It! started out as a self-publisher of the most comprehensive guides to NYC’s 1,100 parking garages. They were on the shelves of Barnes & Noble just nine weeks after submitting their first book, had offers from several booktrade distributors, and used the East Coast Zagat sales reps to get into a number of general retailers. Park It! was quickly featured by The New York Times, CNN, MSN Money, Crains New York Business, all network and local TV and radio, and regional newspapers – a wonderful book publicist was willing to take on a self-publisher and taught Margot how to create a compelling media kit and pitch well. The business model was based on retail sales but more importantly, creating private label editions by printing a company’s logo and information on the front cover as promotional and client gifts. Entrepreneur Magazine featured Margot in its June 2009 Start-Ups edition, which was from an October 2007 pitch.

Park It!

After successfully publishing three annual editions and expanding into maps of NYC’s gas stations, Highway Entrances and Exits and other topics to help drivers and parkers, Margot realized that she wasn’t enjoying the annual production and sales routine, so she sat down to figure out her next move. Margot had great relationships with the garage operators since she featured them in all of her media interviews, and she was confident in that her 15 years of marketing experience was instrumental in making sales and growing the business. So Margot changed the business model to an online exchange for finding monthly parking – like Travelocity for parking. In October 2009 Margot launched the online program and in January 2010 she pitched an Editor at Entrepreneur Magazine at its Growth 2.0 conference in Miami. Margot’s pitch focused on how she had changed the business model based on her strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and the market, which she knew would appeal to the magazine’s readers. She was frank and honest and kept her pitch to 80 seconds of the allotted 3 minutes so he could ask her questions. The Editor called Margot in early March, they did the photo shoot two days later, and now she’s featured on the back page of the June 2009 issue!

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