Today’s Expert Tip: How to get paying clients from Facebook

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Janet Wallaceby Janet Wallace, Owner of Social Deviants

Trust your customers. Everyone talks about getting their audience, their market, to trust them online. Guess what? That starts with you trusting them. Trust your followers to use their own voices to spread the good word about you. Don’t try to control the message. If you have been consistent and clear in your communication, the message will be. Focus on that and the trust in you, and your service or business will come.

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3  questions for Janet:

– How do you get paying clients from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
– How do you find the time/manage your time of social media?
– How do you measure it?

Janet’s area of expertise:
• Workshop Training • Public Speaking • Community-building • Social Media Marketing • Creating Brand Champions • Online Marketing • Web 2.0 • New Media • Competitive Analysis • Social Media Strategic Planning • Email Marketing • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube • Search Engine Marketing



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Victoria’s LaunchTip: Communicating Change: Frame it in the Positive

Change is inevitable in business and in life. When we make major changes to ourselves and our lives, we are choosing to grow and evolve over remaining static and stuck. Sometimes the biggest problems with such decisions arise not from the changes themselves, but from how to communicate them effectively to the outside world. We have been conditioned by society to resist change and therefore we often view and receive change negatively and fearfully. Taking this human tendency into account, then, it becomes clear that the “positive positioning” of change is critical to creating positive energy and forward momentum around what you are building.

The best approach we can take is to navigate the energy of others in a way that minimizes upheaval and makes them feel safe, while simultaneously gets them excited and garners their support.

The solution? Frame it in the positive! No matter how much analysis or stress you encountered in getting to the result, communicate the result in a positive manner. Refrain from expressing any negative emotion or sentiment around it. The reality is that we all agonize over certain decisions in our lives, but hopefully we come out on top, taking our experiences and the advice of experts, to reach a decision that is in our best interests and in the best interests of our business. Reminding yourself of the “why” around your decision will lead you to using positive verbiage in your change communications.

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Victoria’s LaunchTip: Submit Articles and Tips for Daily Email and Social Media Posts

Sharing advice is another way to create a name for yourself.

We are always looking for content from our members to share with our 100,000 plus community of entrepreneurial women. What works for you and what doesn’t? What advice can you share with fellow launchers? Sharing advice is another way to create a name for yourself and our community is hungry for what you have to say. Check out our library. One of these could be written by you…

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Victoria’s LaunchTip: We are Looking to Feature Your Product in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide:
Looking for last minute product submissions.

Do you have a product or service that would make the perfect Mother’s Day Gift?
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Victoria’s LaunchTip: How Many People Are You and Are You at Peace?

When it comes to being entrepreneurs, I know that many of us find ourselves straddling more worlds than one. We may be a mom and businesswoman, a freelancer and a product producer, a full-time employee and an artist on the side. At times this may feel difficult or conflicting. We feel “at odds” with who we are; we may struggle with how to define ourselves—both to ourselves and to the rest of the world. We develop ways of talking to ourselves internally and we may shift what we say or how we say it depending on which one of ourselves we are addressing at any given time. For a moment I want to suggest that you let the tension melt away, imagine fusing the various parts of yourself into one, let go of your resistance and be okay with the many facets of who you are. Revel in the fact that you can access each part of yourself on an as-needed basis. Find peace in the world and your place in it. In other words, straddle your worlds with ease and joy.

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Victoria’s LaunchTip: Are Your Strategies Working?

Strategy is a funny word. The dictionary used the following definition: a plan, method, or series of maneuvers for obtaining a specific goal or result. The word certainly applies a well-thought out, time intensive process leading to an end-game. The truth is, in all situations we are applying strategies all the time. We have strategies for getting ready in the morning, for disciplining our children, for taking care of ourselves, for communicating with our partner, sibling or friend. Most of these strategies are employed unconsciously or reactively without much thought or devotion to sequencing and planning. Even our business strategies on a day-to-day basis are, by and large, reactive. When we take the time to step back and have an awareness of our strategies, we can analyze whether they are working. We ask ourselves: Are we achieving the results we want? Are we experiencing feelings of success, peace and happiness? Whenever I answer “no” to these questions, I know it is time to change my strategy, and the ability to change, shift and adapt, to create something fresh and anew: Well, that is the ultimate control over your destiny.

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Victoria’s LaunchTip: Harnessing the collective genius: Ask questions, listen.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in one of David Cooperrider’s famous Appreciative Inquiry summits. The premise of an AI Summit is to harness the brilliance of group intelligence and core strenghts to solve problems and create substantial and lasting change within organizations. My experience of the process itself was mind blowing and the results, completely unexpected. The formula depends on gathering 100 or so constituents together from all different backgrounds, life experiences and expertise over a period of 2 to 3 days and putting them through an intense and collaborative process that opens “the group” up to new ways of thinking. The organization that is the focus of the process walks away with a strategy and a plan for implementation and ongoing execution. There were more than a few aspects of this summit that I found particularly compelling. Below I’ve summarized a few of my own take-aways that we can apply right away to reach breakthrough solutions:

1. Ask questions and listen to answers: Often we are so eager to talk about ourselves that we forget to ask questions of others and let others talk. Appreciative Inquiry at its core involves the practice of asking questions that strengthen the group’s ability to apprehend and heighten positive potential. The best learning comes from listening. The simple act of listening can lead you to think differently.
2. Keep asking “why” about the thoughts you have, the opinions you settle on and the decisions and choices you make. Asking “why” over and over again will lead you to distinguish between making decisions based on emotion versus making decisions that are in the best interests of your business. Try not to judge yourself throughout this process.
3. Offer assistance: Helping others is the fastest way to grow because when you help someone else, they have an automatic instinct to reciprocate. Reciprocation may not happen immediately and it may not happen directly, but once you embrace the idea of servicing others, you become part of a positive energy force that will result in others’ helping you.

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Member’s LaunchTip: What Your Handshake Says About You

Christine Chenby Christine Chen, Founder, Global Professional Protocol

It is said handshakes are exchanged more the currency. It takes only five seconds to make an impression, so why not make it right! Your handshake speaks volumes – it may say, “I’m standoffish,” “I’m overbearing,” “I’m insecure,” or “I’m confident and glad to meet you.” The handshake that is confident and positive is one that is a web-to-web shake. In other words, the web between your thumb and index finger should touch the other person’s web. It should not be a fingertip handshake or a limp handshake. It should be firm but not bone crushing. Send the professional impression from the start by following these simple steps to a great handshake.


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Victoria’s LaunchTip: Are You the CEO of Your Life?

As women entrepreneurs, we are constantly in a state of flux and imbalance, juggling our lives and our businesses, sometimes seamlessly, sometimes chaotically.

The truth is, it’s hard to be the CEO of your business without being the CEO of your life first. One often interplays with the other and sometimes it’s hard to separate the two. The feminine approach to launching often involves interconnecting the two. And that can be done in creative and fun ways.

I have found that when I embrace the duality, I am able to enjoy both facets even more.

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Member’s LaunchTip: Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Sandra Osterby Sandra Oster, Founder,,

Fear is crippling, never be afraid of making mistakes. Life’s greatest lessons are learned when you take risks, and you’re not afraid to fail.

Okay, so you painted the ceiling Hot Pink because you thought it would make the room “Cheerful”, only to realize that the client wasn’t so cheery about it after it was applied. So, you have to repaint, oh well. But you know what, that risk broke boundaries and opened up new possibilities.

I’m a successful designer today, because I have taken risks — shaking in my shoes at time, but I did it. I’m not afraid to say that I’ve learned what I know from the mistakes I’ve made along the way. They made me a better designer and gave me a greater ability to connect with my clients, and understand exactly what they want in their own homes.


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