Why It’s Crucial To Have a Business Plan

Why Do I Need a Business Plan?

leather Creating a business plan can be one of the most eye-opening times for you as an entrepreneur. Many of you will find that this stage is fun and easy, while others will find this stage hard and painful. Regardless of which group you fall into, this is a necessary stage for most businesses. It’s also important to reference back to your business plan as you grow and update your financials to gauge your success, or if you are looking for additional rounds of funding.

If you are seeking funding from a bank, the SBA, Angel Investors, or VCs, you should definitely seek the help of a professional. Many times you will find that a professional is reasonably priced for the amount of knowledge and effort you get. You cannot afford to have a sub-par business plan when seeking funding. You should talk with several professional business plan services; get different opinions and price quotes. See if you get along with the person and if you trust them. Many times, these same companies that can help you craft a solid business plan can introduce you to other funding options that you may not have considered or heard about.

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Work from Home? Need Web/Teleconferencing?

Quick Guide to Web Conferencing

Web conferencingWeb conferencing has becoming increasingly popular with businesses and individuals that conduct live meetings over the Internet. Each person uses their own computer to connect to others over the Internet to discuss various topics and the program downloads. Web conferencing is great for large groups of people where one person is facilitating. Teleconferencing is another way to involve people from different locations. This type of conferencing usually involves a two-way conversation or meeting between relatively small groups of people, which may include video images or graphics.

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Need Funding?

Quick Guide to Merchant Cash Advance

funding2011 is here and for those of us who own businesses, it may be the right time to invest more in our business. If you are strapped for cash, or want additional funds to invest in your business, consider merchant cash advance loans or factoring. The type of assets you have will determine the type of funding you can get. If you currently process $2500 in credit card sales in one month and have been around for 6 months, you qualify for a merchant cash advance loan. If you have ongoing B2B accounts receivables (invoices), you would qualify for an invoice factoring loan and sell off your invoices for cash. Either way, now is a good time to start investigating and investing more in your business.

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How to Make the Most of Your Lead Generation Activities

How your company can benefit from outsourcing its lead generation activities

inbound call centerMany companies don’t have the budget or the ability to generate a steady stream of leads. Therefore, they look to outsource their lead generation. By outsourcing this activity a business can save time and money by not having to develop an infrastructure to generate leads.

You have to be a good salesman or have your sales process dialed-in so that you can make the most of lead generation activities. These are leads, not sales. You still need to get on the phone and call these leads in order to close the deal.

Take the time to talk with multiple lead generation companies to see who is the right fit for you. Happy lead hunting.

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Inbound Call Center

Are Your Customers Happy?

inbound call centerWith the holiday shopping season officially in full swing, making sure your team is ready to tackle the extra surge in shopping orders is a must. If you have a call center to take catalog orders—do you have enough? Outsourcing your call center needs is a great way to get the extra help you need, and ensure you are getting excellent help.

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Last Minute Checklist for Cyber Monday

Compare Price Quotes for Fulfillment Services

fulfillment servicesThere are so many tasks that pile up when Cyber Monday rears its ugly head: the traffic, SEO efforts, PPC campaigns, coupons and much, much more. With just under a week to go, there are some last minute changes you can do quickly.

First, make sure you are searchable online and your website is set up for success. Don’t change any code during this time, or decrease your bandwidth. If you are selling products on your site and doing some online marketing, your servers must be able to handle the surge in visitors. If you are running any coupons, track your efforts. And if you haven’t found the right fulfillment company to deliver your products fast, now is the time to talk to different ones and get on-board. Your customers expect their packages to arrive safely and on time. Click here to get competitive price quotes from fulfillment services. If you are still struggling with online promotions, click here to connect with online marketing experts.
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Background Checks

Find out how to perform quality background checks.


Whether you are a post start-up company, or just getting started, chances are you’ll need to hire employees to grow your business. If your business is or operates with schools, hospitals, financial institutions, airports, or the government, a background check is required by federal or state law. Background checks look up and compile any criminal, commercial and financial records of an individual. Oftentimes they are helpful to evaluate a job candidate’s qualifications and to identify potential hiring risks.

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Questions to Ask Your Online Marketing Business Vendor

Types of Online Marketing

Online marketing Online marketing has become popular because businesses can target a more specific audience and drive them to a page that converts that user instantly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods help a website rank in natural search results for specific keywords based off the product or service you are selling.

Unlike PPC, if your site is ranked in natural results, you will improve the visibility of your website and distinguish yourself from your online competitors. Approximately 70-80% of clicks occur in the natural space versus 20-30% in the PPC space. The benefits of attaining natural rankings can significantly benefit your business and is a quick and accurate way to attract new customers.

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Quick Guide to Trade Show Displays

Compare Price Quotes from Trade Show Display Companies

payroll companies Next year’s shows are just around the corner. If you’ve participated in trade shows before, you might already have a display. Just like online marketing, trade show displays continue to evolve. Some companies are now displaying flashboards with scrolling conversations on Twitter at their booth. Others are moving away from metal and bulky designs to fabric to make transport easier. With thousands of people milling through the aisles, how are you going to grab the attention from the customers you need? Your trade show exhibit is a marketing opportunity – the right booth is essential. Connect with vendors to help plan your next display. Keep in mind when getting quotes that you want to keep a simple, but clear message.

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