What is lead generation?
Lead generation is not a new concept, but the popularity of the Internet has made is so that a business can outsource its lead generation activities and receive great results. There are many companies that specialize in generating leads for other companies. Lead generation companies use their own, proprietary methods for collecting leads in specific categories and then they distribute to various clients. Clients can generally pay per lead or pay per sale; payment structure really depends on how the lead generation company is structured.


Answering service companies provide live representatives that can take messages, forward your calls or enter information for you when you and your staff are out of the office. Answering services are ideal for businesses that don’t have the budget for a full time, in-house receptionist or find that their staff oftentimes works out of the office and there isn’t always someone there to answer calls. Entrepreneurs also look to answering services so that they can focus on their business and respond to messages when they have the time available.


With so many companies going to the World Wide Web to attract new customers outside of their physical location, many business owners are finding out that they need to provide chat/email support to cater to the wishes of their clients. Websites occasionally go down at times, web pages become corrupted for various reasons, and sometimes customers just can’t navigate to the correct page.


Teleconferencing involves people from different locations having the ability to communicate with one another using telecommunications equipment. This type of conferencing usually involves a two-way conversation or meeting between relatively small groups of people, which may include video images or graphics.


Web conferencing offers a gamut of different features that are not available to a person speaking on the phone. Web conferencing allows for live video of each speaker through web cams or digital video programs, text chat, recording of the conference for later usage and screen or desktop sharing so participants can see what’s going on with the other person’s computer screen. With so many individuals going to the Web to conduct business, web conferencing is becoming more significant with today’s product and service industries.