Natalia Rose

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Founder, The Rose Program

Who Is She?

28 year-old Natalia Rose is a Clinical Nutritionist and founder of The Rose Program, a one-of-a-kind nutrition program that focuses on using natural foods to cleanse the body of toxicity, trigger weight loss and improve overall health. Different from other nutrition programs, Natalia is known for her educational trips to the health food store, one-on-one cooking lessons, and other customization methods that cater to the client’s personal tastes, health needs and lifestyle. The Rose Program also offers group sessions where members can partake in group intensive sessions and cleansing fasts in conjunction with shopping trips to Barney’s to provide motivation and distraction. Natalia runs her business out of her home office and also offers her program through phone consultations, and the Frederick Fekkai Salon and Spa. Natalia resides in New York City.

The Rose Program Philosophy:

“I teach people how to use natural foods to cleanse their bodies of the toxicity that keeps them from being as vibrantly healthy and lean as they can be. Anyone can do it — whether they travel and eat out in restaurants or run a busy household. The Rose Program focuses on consuming mostly natural foods and properly combining those foods in a way that does not overly tax the digestive system. In our culture we eat too many foods that waste our precious cleansing energies on digestion when that energy could be going to turning over new cells, healing organs and eliminating old waste matter from the body (note: excess waste matter is at the core of excess weight). This waste matter which comes from unnatural foods and pollution — things that cannot be fully utilized by our bodies is the cause of most modern-day diseases and keeps us from being the lean, vibrant, healthy beings we were born to be.”

One-on-one programs:

“My six week program is the silver bullet of health. After an initial consultation when I review the client’s health history and diet issues, the first thing we do is go to the health food store, which on one’s own can be a very confusing place because among the truly healthy offerings are just as many unhealthy ones. After leading them through the health food store isle by isle, we spend time in the kitchen where I teach them how to prepare healthy, vibrant foods that are customized to their tastes. For my Italian fans we make delicious raw pastas from zucchini. For Asian lovers, we make spring rolls and raw-vegetable sushi with unbelievably delicious dressings and sauces. I focus a lot on flavor. I attribute a lot of the program’s success to the fact that I am a foodie. I believe we should take a lot of pleasure in our food. My clients eat well, and leave the table satisfied. Eating for health and beauty should not leave one feeling deprived.”

Group sessions:

“Working in groups can be extremely motivating. I offer two kinds of group sessions—six women for six weeks and one week intensives for two hours a day. Juice fasting groups are also available to advanced clients who have been on The Rose Program for an extended period. Done as part of The Rose Program, either one-on-one or in a group is ideal and also surprisingly fun. Most fasters are amazed by how much energy they have on the second or third day of fasting on fresh vegetable juices.”

Exercise not a necessity:

“I believe in exercise but you don’t need exercise to see weight loss results on this program and the enzymes in the food help tone your body and skin. Yoga is ideal. But my favorite exercise for energy and toning is mini trampoline rebounding for 5 to 10 minutes each day.”


“I grew up in Los Angeles, received my bachelors from NYU and studied nutrition at the Natural Healing institute of Naturopathy in San Diego. I used this foundation to take nutrition to the next level of deep tissue cleansing.”

Biggest challenge:

“At first, marketing on a shoestring was hard. Several years ago, nobody knew what raw foods were, but now everyone knows and wants to learn about them, so the timing was right. I believed in what I was doing from the start, which allowed me to stick with it and never give up.”

Future business growth:

“I have written a book called The Raw Food Detox Diet, which is available in bookstores everywhere. While still in a draft stage, the book contains all of my principles and my recipes, and addresses nutritional issues for every stage of life from childbearing to menopause. My goal is to find the right publisher and get it into the mainstream. I have been contemplating creating a cooking show for a cable network like the Food Network, Oxygen or WE. But most of all, I love teaching people how they can look and feel their very best while enjoying their food more than ever before.”

Personal life:

“My husband and I enjoy entertaining at home and spending buckets of playtime with our kids. I try to create boundaries between my personal life and business life—otherwise I would be talking about food 24 – 7. When you work from home it can be difficult to determine what is work time and what is family time. As a mother, your children and home will demand to come first. Gradually, you’ll find your balance. And ultimately, if mother is happy, the whole household benefits.”

Words of advice:

“Don’t invest your time and money until you have done a thorough analysis of the business. Be a pessimistic not optimistic business plan writer. Be careful what you promise people and always over-deliver.”

To learn more about The Rose Program and to purchase Natalia’s book, visit To make appointments and book consultations, call 212-752-6458. Phone consultations are also available.

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Michele Jaffe


Author, Historical Romance Novels, Contemporary Thrillers
The Stargazer, The Water Nymph, Bad Girl

Who is she?

33 year-old Michele Jaffe is the author of historical romance novels and contemporary thrillers that will entice and captivate you, including The Stargazer, The Water Nymph, and most recently, Bad Girl. What makes her romance stories compelling is their ultimate combination of historical detail and dreamy romance with a modern plot structure and best of all, steamy and inventive sex scenes. Her thrillers are fast paced with cool female characters—and some sex. Michele resides in Las Vegas.


“I went to Harvard undergrad and majored in History and Literature then earned my PhD there in Comparative Literature. I focused on the Renaissance and wrote my senior thesis on the courtesans of 16th century Venice. I spent a year in Venice during graduate school researching my dissertation while sneakily writing my first novel.”

Lucky break:

“During the year I was working on my dissertation, I started reading romance novels in the gym at 5 a.m. Then I would study all day. I had just finished my oral exams and ran into a friend at Harvard who had just written a novel in 3 months. This friend put me in touch with an agent. I sent a chapter and then more chapters—I basically got lucky and I definitely found the agent completely through networking.”

Plotting her work:

“I love plotting because it is a puzzle—you will be stuck in chapter 20 and then you realize something you wrote about accidentally in chapter 2 is key. Academic work is a lot like that. This is the subconscious at work—on a good day.”

Distinguishing factor:

“The main difference between my books and thrillers by men is that all of my lead characters are women.”

Biggest challenge:

“Characters are my biggest challenge. There are authors who make people “feel” and love a book because they create extraordinary characters. I’m working on creating strong characters. One of the most interesting parts of writing is when the characters come to you, just start talking. Unfortunately sometimes they do not say what you want to hear.”

Early signs of authorship:

“From age four on, I wanted to be President of the United States, which might suggest a propensity toward fiction, but not a direct one. I never really showed obvious tendencies towards being a writer, except that I grew up in a very verbal household. My parents read incessantly. I read The Fountainhead at age eight.”

Vegas baby, Vegas:

“It’s the wackiest place on the planet and filled with amazing tales to tell. I grew up in Los Angeles and then lived in Boston. My dream is to have a house in Venice, Italy and a house somewhere in the States. My husband is a consultant and also works from home.”

Husband and wife/Home and work:

“The home/work dynamic is a learning process. We have rules. A sign with a fly inside a red circle means “no bugging.” We are fortunate to have lunch together every day. We basically pretend we are not working in the same space. Since my office has zebra carpeting and his doesn’t, it isn’t too hard to feel like we’re in different worlds.”

Funny wardrobe:

“I wear strange Chinese silk pajamas and high-heeled pink mules. I have a funny wardrobe. Shopping is my biggest and most favorite pastime, aside from reading. I love shoes.”

I read a book a day:

“I read a ton. When I am writing, I only read dead authors because I become insecure and depressed reading living authors. Too much competition. One of my favorite books is Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Wolfe—to me it is a guideline for how to write the perfect book—a seamless integration of front story and back story.”

The process:

“When I write, I write from beginning to end. Each book takes about 5 months to write. The beginning is the hardest part and I usually have a nervous breakdown somewhere around page 53. I revise as I go along. When I hit walls, I realize something is wrong and I go back. My final book ends up vastly changed from the proposal.”

Unique website:

“My website is different from other romance or thriller writers’ websites and that is very purposeful. I wanted it to be about the books and to give a feeling of the experience of reading the books. I wanted it to be funny and humorous, not overly serious. I also wanted the site to be interactive. There are beauty tips from the protagonists, contests and puzzles to get into rooms, and a chat room in the form of a guest book.”

Living a dream:

“Some days I feel like I am living a dream. Some days are difficult, but by and large it’s amazing. I can live anywhere I want in the world. I can buy shoes. And I get to write sex scenes. I am always learning. It is always fascinating and I am never bored.”

To learn more about Michele Jaffe’s novels and to experience the inner worlds of her characters, visit To purchase her books, visit

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