Amy Smilovic


Hire Experience

“My biggest mistake was not hiring experienced people early on, that would have saved me loads of headaches. The fashion industry is hard because you can’t just go online and look up a business model for a fashion company. You can’t just look up what an organization should look like at sales of 2 million, 5 million or 10 million; there are just too many variables and too many ways to do things.”

Tables Turned: Husband Reports to Wife!

“This is usually the first joke that anyone says when they meet us. My husband, Frank, now helps me run my company. We do divide things up. Things are pretty 50/50 now but in the beginning it wasn’t and I do think he was a little frustrated by that. I don’t think he really reported to me. I think he felt he wasn’t really contributing the way he wanted to contribute. Now that we are so involved in licensing and opening retail stores and buying retail estate for our company’s existence, he’s got more than enough on his plate.”

From Love to Business

“We have been married 11 years. I think that since we both worked for American Express, we were both used to discussing business together. It wasn’t like I was in a totally different industry and we never talked about that stuff. We rarely ever get in arguments regarding the office, it has to do with more when I let the kids eat trans fats.”

Cute Business, Little Lady

“I had joined a women’s business group in Hong Kong and I could not believe how many women were so frustrated with their husband’s not supporting their business and referring to their businesses as ‘hobbies’ and using the word ‘little’ every time they described their wife’s business. I never experienced that with Frank, ever. I also never would have gotten to the point with my business without Frank. He’s really been the one who has pushed me on hiring the right employees.”

Celebrity Dresser

“With my business background, the first thing I did was hire a PR agency.
Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson are two of my favorite people to dress because I think they both have such great personal style. They seem to have a lot of fun with the clothing and they are both always requesting different things.”

But How’d You Get Drew and Scarlett?

“Their stylists contacted us… they got the phone number off the website. Pretty much the stylists saw some sweaters they thought their celeb girls would like and called about them. And, now that our PR is in house, anyone who has requests for celebs come directly to us.”

When Chips Are Down

“When things are not so smooth, it seems that is when it keeps a light under your ass. Frank and I are really great about feeding off each other in the way that when I am down, he is up and when he is down, I am up. We tend to be good for each other that way.”

What Are You Wearing Right Now?

A Tibi top and Marc Jacobs pants.

This featured lady was profiled by Kristin Herold, an entertainment reporter and freelance writer based in Marina Del Rey, CA.

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