10 Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

5. Follow the flow. If you’re feeling stuck, do something creative to find your flow again. Maybe you sing a song or knit a scarf. The important thing is that you keep your creative momentum. See what fresh perspective emerges.

6. Build on what you know. Use something you’re already familiar with to gain clarity on an unfamiliar issue. For example, how is creating a budget like following a recipe? What’s the first thing you do when you prepare to cook? Perhaps it’s finding the right recipe (or a template for the budget). Next, you gather all the ingredients (or the line items on your budget). Then you measure the ingredients (or you put numbers to the different line items). By walking through the steps of something you know, you’ll discover your own creative resourcefulness and the new tasks will feel less daunting.

7. Learn something new. What do you want to know more about as it relates to your business? Find fun ways to pick up that new knowledge. If you enjoy reading, get an interesting book about your business that speaks to you. If you love interaction, take a class. The more you know, the more empowered you’ll feel.

8. Make time for reflection. At least every quarter, carve out time to look at where you’ve been and where you’re going. What targets did you set for yourself in your Right-Brain Business Plan? What action steps did you outline in your Post-it Note project plan? How many beads do you have in your bowl? Identify where you might need to course-correct and acknowledge your successes and accomplishments.

9. Ask for help. You don’t need to do it all! Outsource what you’re not as good at or don’t enjoy. Hire an accountant to set up QuickBooks. Gather a board of advisors to strategize on marketing. Get a virtual assistant to schedule meetings. Delegating frees you up to focus on the heart of your business.

10. Connect with creative cohorts. Get inspired by other musepreneurs. Reach out to someone you admire for some mentoring. Make a date with your fellow creative cohorts to brainstorm ideas and support each other. Together you can help each other grow your businesses!

Jennifer Lee is the leader of the Oakland, CA, Incubator and the founder of Artizen Coaching , the creator of the Right-Brain Business Plan, and a yogini.

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10 thoughts on “10 Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur”

  1. Thanks ever so much, Jennifer, for reassuring me that my right-brained creative thinking does not make me a ne’er-do-well in business. I am just learning as a cartoonist to get over the media’s stereotypes about artists of any kind (and as a cartoonist, I admit I employed some of them) and learn to love my creativity as a way of life. Viva imagination!

    Donna K. Upshaw

  2. Thank you for validating my creative “bookkeeping”. The analogy with following a recipe/spreadsheet was brilliant. When I was told my to do list was a business plan I felt so much better. I am so consumed with creating and running my one woman business http://www.joangabriel.com that it is tough to do it all. I believe that baby steps are okay steps. I will not sacrifice the family for my business. Soon my baby will graduate from high school and I will ONLY be 55 and ready to fly.
    Thanks Jennifer and Ladies who Launch.
    Owner Joan Gabriel Company, LLC

  3. Thank you so much for this article. I try to tell my family and friends that I’m not nuts but just creative. I’m glad to know that I may not be able to think in a so called “normal organized” fashion but that I can still put my ideas down and organize them with flare and get the job done!


  4. I love this article….The beads in the bowl sound great…It’s nice to have validation that it’s OK to do things your own way and still be advancing to that next level…”practice makes progress” over here at http://www.nomommysperfect.com Thanks for a super article!

    founder, owner No Mommy’s Perfect

  5. Jen,

    Great article! I can attest that your suggestions work — I’ve used some of your suggestions in my design business, as well as other ventures. Thanks for keeping those of us “R-Directed” thinkers motivated.

    Urban Escapist/Designer/Grocer

  6. These tips are wonderful!…Being a one-woman operation most of the time, I often get stuck in the mondane routine stuff. These creative ideas are ones I will use to stay on track with what I really love about my business…The ability to have a clean canvas to create a business on is truly a gift,,,the possibilities are endless if you can harness creativity regularly and enjoy it! I have used the ‘post it note’ idea to organize myself and my agenda for years…I can’t wait to try the beads in a bowl!
    Thanks so much Jennifer…I feel like you wrote this just for me!

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