10 Things You Should Know Before You Launch

by Nada Jones and Michelle Briody

Few things in life are more thrilling than starting your own business venture but we know just how overwhelming launching can be. Many women put off launching because the task seems daunting and complicated. Before you get lost in the minutia of business planning, forms and financial spreadsheets take a look at this simple list of Ten Things You Should Know Before You Launch. Answering these questions will help you to lay the foundation necessary to move you one step closer to making your dream business a reality.

Know thyself #1:

Many entrepreneurs launch before they ever take the time to articulate what they really want from the future they’re about to build. Ask yourself a few questions before you launch. What am I passionate about? How will this business help me fulfill that passion? Am I committed enough to stay the course? For how long? What are my, strengths, gifts and talents? What do I enjoy doing? Don’t forget to identify your weaknesses too; knowing your strengths is fantastic, but knowing your limitations is vital.

Know what you want:

Get specific! This is your life we are talking about, not just a product or service. So take the time to identify how you want to spend your valuable time and energy. What does your average day look like? What hours will you work? Who do you want to work with? (Are they hip and young, well-educated, dynamic self-starters, etc.?) Who are your customers or clients?

Define your main objective. What will your accomplished dream provide once in motion? (Are you in it for the money or a flexible working schedule, pursuing the financial gains of a hobby, fulfilling a deep passion, etc.?)

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