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Jul 31, 2011





It’s funny how just one idea can start a movement and get people to take an action. Recently I got together with a few girlfriends for a little vacation. I wanted to have a theme and so I proposed the following idea.


We would do something during the week that we had never done before, (a first) and that was somewhat out of our comfort zone. If they didn’t do anything, they would have to pay me $100. By the same token, I would have to pay them $100 if I didn’t. We took the theme seriously and over the course of the week, we kept coming up with things that we had never done before and talking about what was holding us back. As a result of the mission, I went ziplining for the first time, (across the Colorado River and definitely out of my comfort zone!) and lived to tell about it! I went bowling and won for the first time ever! I really think it is because I usually go and tell myself that I’m not any good and I’ll go and just have fun, but this particular time, I set a goal and focused on what I wanted to achieve. There were many firsts that week for myself, and all of the girls. Several of the women went home and initiated the theme with their friends and family. But the main thing is we walked away confident that we could try something and it wasn’t about whether we failed or not, we were willing to take a chance, do something that we had never done before and live life to the fullest. We were ready to stop talking about it or just wishing we could do something. We were in control and it felt great. It was also incredibly empowering! It’s only been a month since I started this initiative, but recently I had a birthday and in celebration, I decided to do something new over the course of 365 days for every year I am old! I’ve got a lot of new things on my plate to accomplish in one year, but I am ready, I am confident.


How about you? What have you wanted to do but have been putting off? Go on a trip, launch your business, bungee jump, grow a garden, stand up for yourself, read a particular book, take a class? Now is the time.


If you are a Platinum Member, I issue the challenge to you to do just ONE thing you have never done before. You don’t have to pay me $100 if you choose not to accept this challenge, (LOL!) but I will give $100 cash to one lucky lady and take her to lunch for the most compelling story I receive! Write me at (title it CONTEST) by SEPT 1 and let me know what you did and the date (must be within the last month or before the deadline) that took you out of your comfort zone and gave you a first! I can’t wait to hear how you are changing your life! Start now!


xo, jan


Please welcome our Leading Lady this month, Susan Szudar of Sol Inspired and share her journey to success.


Also note the workshops we have coming up. I take your business personally and want to do whatever I can to help you launch whatever dreams, ideas, or new products or services you want to launch. Launching comes in all stages, so it doesn't matter what stage of launching you are in, Ladies Who Launch can help. Contact me if you have any questions about our meetings, events, or workshops.


jan 213 703 1938

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