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The ART of Entrepreneurship

Jun 1, 2011

The ART of the Entrepreneur

Be different or be forgotten.  Be seen or stay invisible.  Be heard or someone else gets the last word.


One of my guilty pleasures is watching the mindless reality television show “The Bachelor” and "The Bachelorette”.  On the surface, there isn’t much to these shows except a chance for me to escape and catch up with work on my computer while watching reality drama and visiting the exotic date locations.  However, upon further introspection, the show is full of marketing strategies, namely getting known and making an impression. 


The show starts out in the first episode with 25 bachelors or bachelorettes that have just one short cocktail party to impress the star bachelor or bachelorette in order to escape elimination.  Talk about competition!  Just like any business, you have to look for an opportunity to stand out.  You have to authentically share your story in a pitch that captures the attention of your target market and leads them to say, “tell me more”.  And as is typical in today’s market, you have to think outside the box and utilize all the marketing tools available. Bachelors competing for Ashley’s heart this season on the Bachelorette have included one that wore a mask!  Other episodes have guys writing poems, doing backflips out of the limousine, teaching dance lesson or serenading the bachelorette. Regardless of what you may think of these antics, it isn’t just the first impression that receives recognition; in a room of 25 other competitors, you have to look for opportunities to be seen and be remembered.  So, as you think about your business and what you can do to make a lasting impression, think of the “The Bachelor” or  “The Bachelorette” and think about what opportunities and out of the box techniques you would use, or better still, come to our monthly resource meeting this month to learn more.


Coming up on June 7th, in Los Angeles, at our monthly resource meeting, a series of conversation, inspiration & inspiration, we feature Cyndi Finkle of Art Works Studio & Classroom.  She will share her own stories of how she uses the principles of art to think outside the box and has seized opportunities for her business to stand out.  In addition, she is gifting everyone in attendance the opportunity to think outside the box too!  Included in your evening is art instruction in a nude figure drawing class!  (materials included!) When we step outside our comfort zone, we become more creative and gain more confidence.  In the end, it makes us all better entrepreneurs!  So please join us for this fabulous meeting this month!  I’m sooooo excited!


JUNE 7th, 6:30 – 9:30 at Art Works Studio & Classroom in Culver City.  Register online or at this link.

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