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This event happened 1561 days ago
Time 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Location Los Angeles
Contact Jan McCarthy
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Give yourself the gift of a lifetime! Your business will thank you for it!

Imagine yourself in a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere for the weekend bonding with other ambitious female entrepreneurs while spending some much needed time planning so you can take your business to the NEXT LEVEL...


This BUSINESS BOOTCAMP is filled with tangible tools designed to help you take your business to the next level. Become part of the new philosophy of launching, be a FRESH ENTREPRENEUR!

DATE: Saturday, JAN 8th and Sunday, JAN 9th 
TIME: 9 AM to 6 PM both days
We will stay together on Saturday evening to enjoy some special pampering - manicures and martinis (or wine)

In the Fresh Entrepreneur Workshop, we spend 16 hours with you going through the seven essentials for launching to the next level with a strong focus on the modern way of growing a business with a foundation of life mission and vision. The program teaches you how to create multiple streams of revenue for each branch of your business by implementing real marketing strategies using social media, plus practical action tools, along with successful mind-set management tools.

We delve into what are your core strengths, what makes you tick, what defines you and how you do business. The thing is, no one is going to work harder at your business than you and if you don't really know what motivates you, how you work, what your business is all about and gets you up in the morning, you aren't going to be as efficient and successful as you were meant to be. Brands are built by the messages the company puts out and consumer experiences.  We help you develop your branding strategy encouraging consistency, persistency and that it is in alignment with your core beliefs.


Every few months, it is valuable to rethink your business plan, (even if it is written on a napkin!), and set realistic goals as well as make sure your business plan is in alignment with your personal plan so that you can grow.

Once you have this solid base of understanding, we move into the second half of the workshop so that you can look outside the box and determine how to identify who your real paying customer is and what will incentivize them to buy your product or service! Throughout the workshop, we will take a look at the traditional business model and refine and refresh it with a more relevant and modern approach for you. You will learn new marketing strategies and explore additional sources of revenue.

You will find support and additional resources from an incredible group of women who are eager to focus and brainstorm ideas to help grow your money tree, help you develop new ideas and strategies for your business and help you overcome a particular business challenge you may be trying to solve.

Any woman who wants to launch her business to the next level of success.

* New launcher
* Experienced business owner launching to the next level
* Seasoned business owner launching new product or revenue line or shifting business

THE FRESH ENTREPRENEUR WORKSHOP is unique in that it honors the feminine approach to launching by actually combining wellness strategies with business growth tools. It addresses the fact that women view their lives holistically, integrating their businesses and their lives.

The workshop is the first of its kind to combine real case studies with lifestyle components as they relate to business growth; this is a groundbreaking new offering to the community of women launchers!

1. Discover your personal brand essence
2. Claim your life mission and vibrant vision statement
3. Build ideal amazing client relationships
4. Create multiple streams of revenue
5. Uncover fresh marketing ideas and strategies
6. Develop your success support team
7. Write an inspired action plan based on your new tools, resources and ideas

You will leave the workshop with a plan of action for 90 days and an accountability partner to keep you on track and focused on your goals.


I loved the focus, energy, attention to detail, & thought-provoking discussions that took place this weekend at the Fresh workshop. The brainstorming ideas for new business was great to participate in & provided me with additional revenue streams I had not thought of. I especially appreciated the way Jan led the group & kept the focus & energy going throughout every hour of both days. It was easy to follow the thread thanks to your focus. Your passion, genuine interest & desire to help women is palpable. I was constantly impressed w/your ability to recall so many details about each womans unique business & then to jump start new ideas in a snap. I look forward to staying in touch with the other women I was fortunate to meet this weekend, as well as planning a reunion of sorts where we can re-connect to celebrate our progress & business milestones. I very much liked that it was an intimate group vs. a large banquette room filled w/too many people to really be engaged on the same level that we were privileged to do this weekend. Thanks Jan for giving so much of yourself for 16+ hours! Your heart, soul & business savvy are much appreciated!
Warmly, Susan **************************************** Jan is truly an amazing, inspirational leader. Her business acumen and fun personality made the Fresh Entrepreneur workshop educational and exciting. The Fresh Entrepreneur workshop enables women to overcome their fears, explore their dreams and visualize their business growth. Throughout the weekend, Jan held everyones hand as they transformed and grew, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend taking the Fresh Entrepreneur workshop, especially with Jan McCarthy. Kimberly Weber, BS, MBA Executive Director Physique 57 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 *******************************************************Last weekend I attended the Fresh Entrepreneur workshop. I was a bit hesitant at first because I felt I was at a stage in my business that I didnt need a new class on business strategy or development. Man, was I wrong! I went away with new ideas to increase revenue within my business and strategies for growing Naja Tea to the next level. It also offered something that Ive always loved about Ladies Who Launch A collaboration between smart, creative, supportive, like-minded women who openly and honestly shared their life and business experiences and offered fresh and new ideas in marketing, sales, PR and life balance. I cant say enough about Jan McCarthy and her way in guiding us through the workshop. Shes not only a lovely human being who you want to be friends with from the moment you meet her, but shes smart as a whip and uses her personal experience as an entrepreneur, a mom, and a renaissance soul to help you work through any blocks preventing you from moving toward success.. Fresh Entrepreneur is one of those things you work into the annual budget to keep you on track in business and in life.
Naja Hayward Naja TeaNaja Hayward, President, Naja Tea***************************************************************
Before meeting Jan I felt overwhelmed and intimidated about starting my own company.
I had so many questions and I didn't know where to begin!
After taking the Fresh Entrepreneur Workshop with Jan I felt focused, motivated and confident in my ability to launch a successful business.
She gives 100% to each individual and shares insightful suggestions and advice that is so valuable.
Aside from her business sense, she is warm and approachable.
You know that she truly cares because even after the workshop, she is available to answer any questions and help in anyway she can.
Jan is a blessing!

-Robin Wiener
Style/Wardrobe Consultant, High Heel In A Haystack
*****************************************************-Ladies Who Launch Los Angeles Fresh Entrepreneur workshop taught by Jan McCarthy came at just the right time for me. I had my business idea, but no focus, plan or support system. Joining a group of women who all had an intense entrepreneurial spirit, who were open to discussion and who had all felt the same fear of going out on your own that I'd felt, made for a magical two days of bonding, sharing information and learning. We had two guest speakers, other women who had started their own businesses and were in full swing. To my surprise, one said she'd been a bit nervous to speak to us, but on sitting with us for a few minutes, she felt the open and supportive vibe in the room, letting her relax and enjoy the experience. I made new friends, I defined the areas I need to act on now and over the next few months and have a support system with all the women and my "Accountability Partner" who will stick by while I pursue my new goals. I highly recommend Jan's workshop if you need structure and support for your upcoming business adventure!  

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