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No one is going to fix financial inequity for women. We have to recognize our own self-worth, ask for higher salaries, invest more aggressively, and build our own wealth. ~ Amanda Steinberg, DailyWorth Founder

Amanda Steinberg



Amanda is founder of, a free, daily personal finance email for women. DailyWorth has been featured in Forbes, SELF and the New York Examiner. As the CEO of multiple mid-sized Web agencies over the last decade, Amanda's observed how women, more than men, struggle in areas of earning, saving and net worth. DailyWorth was created to give women the tools to help them earn what theyre worth and generate their own wealth through savings. Based in Philadelphia, Amanda is a proud mama of 2 very small children, and wife of a psychotherapist.

Why are you so passionate about cash flow?

I'm passionate about women making money. As a business owner for 10 years, I've become an expert in cash flow management because it's the KEY to a healthy business. Many women business owners I know struggle with cash flow. We often under price our services and experience anxiety when it's time to collect. We're more interested in "preserving the relationship" than taking care of ourselves. Truth is, taking care of ourselves is a key ingredient in preserving business relationships. 

Many women don't have a bag of tricks when it comes to pricing, contracts, invoicing and collections. Especially collections! In areas of cash flow management, you have to be willing to play hardball. I give women a bag of tricks and teach them how to play hardball.