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Kimberly founded a chain of innovative yoga and indoor cycling studios that currently expanding across Southern California (and soon, NYC).

Kimberly Fowler

Founder and CEO of YAS Fitness Centers


She also heads YAS Yoga & Sportswear, YAS Productions and YAS Franchise Inc. Fowler’s pioneering YOGA for ATHLETES’ class re-imagined yoga as a form of cross-training and, in so doing, revolutionized the fitness world and she write about it in her Amazon’s best-seller book, “The No OM Zone.” Fowler has proven that entrepreneurs should be open to change: after successfully battling brain cancer, she became a successful litigator in Houston and then she practiced international business in Monaco, rubbing elbows with royalty. She then became COO at $200-million-dollar American vitamin company The Winning Combination because it appealed to her love of sports and fitness. A yearlong recovery from a climbing accident forced her to leave the company and follow her passion for fitness…to YAS where she employs mostly female talent, and that’s by design because she wants to make a difference in women’s lives.