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Meet the Supreme Team: Kathryn Rose, Karmen Reed, Cindy Ratzlaff, Lisa McKenzie and Francine Allaire.

Supreme Social Media

Get Beyond the Small Talk, Become the Conversation


We LOVE Facebook

Our company Supreme Social Media launched to teach business professionals how to engage and use social media platforms, such as Facebook, to enhance and build a client base and online reputation.  In addition, we have all used Facebook to connect to long lost friends, relatives and engage in conversations with other people outside our normal sphere of influence.

In our research on the business aspects of connecting, we realized how many people, especially children, are not aware that their personal information is posted in cyber-space for all to see. It is for this reason we created this "Facebook Guide for Parents."

All of us involved with Supreme Social Media are moms, aunts and/or sisters. We understand how important it is for parents and guardians to understand these new social networks and all their positive traits, while at the same time protecting you and the young people in your lives from the potential harm they can cause.  And we're not just talking about on-line predators.  We're talking about their future reputations, college applications and even job interviews that can be affected inadvertently from a long forgotten post on Facebook.
We are not child psychologists, doctors or teachers. But as parents, aunts and sisters, and social media professionals, we have some experience talking to the kids in our lives about safety online and we want to help others do the same.  With the information provided in this webinar, we encourage you to engage in conversation with your children. We all remember far too clearly the fun and laughter we experienced in our youth, and are secretly glad this type of technology wasn't around to tempt us into making questionable decisions that we might regret today. Polaroid pictures were scary enough. Those pictures of bad hair, college parties and spring break probably would not have been a good thing to have floating around out there on the web then, or today.  We have the gift of hindsight and as parents, it's now our job to point our kids in the right direction online.

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