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As a highly sought-after coach and mentor for aspiring inventors worldwide, his unique methods and experienced insight is transforming the way people "go to market" with their unique products.

Jim DeBetta

Retail Product Development Expert, Inventor Coach, Speaker, Author

Jim Debetta Enterprises  (

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Jim is a nationally recognized speaker and invention blogger and has been featured in articles in leading publications and websites such as Entrepreneur Magazine,, and Newsday.

He is a Patron of the United Inventors Association, co-host of the weekly invention radio show Launch, and a staff writer for Inventors Digest.

Whether you are just starting out or have an organized business with retail-ready products, Jim helps inventors and entrepreneurs to develop a clear, personal plan of action that will help them understand how to properly develop and prepare your products to be sold on the shelves of America's leading retail chains.


Why hire a professional to guide and help you?


Save Money - You may think going on the internet to file a patent yourself or getting a full blown multi-page website built for a few hundred dollars is effective, but in reality spending the least amount of money today on services provided by a software program with no live guidance may come back to hurt you later. More than 90% of my clients needed a total makeover after presenting me with what they thought was a retail ready product and collateral materials. Retail buyers and corporations have guidelines to follow when reviewing a potential product for purchase and if you are not properly prepared to present your products to them you will almost surely get rejected. Would you have your neighbor who knows nothing about installing roofs put one on your home? I wouldn't!

Save More Money! Nearly every client I have worked with has told me that they saved more money with the advice I gave them then they spent on that very advice. How can that be? I can site numerous examples, but a few examples are how I negotiated a much lower tooling and per piece price for their product, how my advice on packaging their product caused it to gain the attention of retail buyers when presented, and how my contacts for specialties such as patent searches and logo design gave them much better pricing and top notch service then they would have received on their own.
This stuff MUST be done right or will have to do it over and over again which inevitably cost you more! I had a client who signed up for a trade show and immediately paid more than 3,000 dollars for tradeshow ads that I advised against moving ahead with. I was able to show them how to get most of their money back and he was not only thankful but frightened by the impulsive decision he had made. Dozens of examples abound so having a trusted adviser by your side pays dividends! You also get a paid education about being in this business and the next time you want to bring a product to market you will be able to do most things on your own.

Time -  Time is money plain and simple, and you can't get back lost time and everyone in business knows this. I routinely see inventors taking years just to get a prototype and a sell sheet made and wonder why it took so long. Often, it is because they seek out as much free advice as possible (which is ok to a point) and don't want to spend any money to move forward. You have to spend money to make money. I did, and you may be fooling yourself if you think you will succeed by being discovered or by not working hard and investing in your business. There are a few lucky people who get by on very little but nearly all of the worlds successful people will tell you how long and hard they worked and how many sacrifices they made including financial ones. I am not saying to risk your life savings or run up your credit cards. I always advise against this. This is a risky business and you should only spend what you know you can afford to lose!

Experience - If you know little or nothing about product development and selling and marketing to retailers then you need to learn! There are great books and resources to teach you, but there is no substitute for having an experienced pro to help you through the jungle. I can read a book about how to perform surgery but there is no way I would attempt it myself! There is too much at risk and your money and livelihood are at stake when you jump in the pool without knowing what is in the water. Sadly, I have more people coming to me after they spent thousands doing things on their own with no knowledge and hoping I can help them. Pretty scary!

There are certain things an inventor can and should do themselves, but you need to admit what you don't know and seek the proper advice or it can cost you dearly later. I learned by doing and took a big risk in doing so. Luckily I came out ok but when you are in your early twenties you feel somewhat invincible. I advise inventors to get in the trenches and take my advice and put it to use, but I also spent tens of thousands making silly mistakes and risking my brand and reputation when I first started. Oh, to be crystal clear, I did not have wealthy parents bankrolling my endeavors. I barely had enough money to put gas in my car so I know how to bootstrap! I wish I had someone there to teach me what I needed to know because I know it would have saved me a lot of money and time and not to mention the endless sleepless nights I endured!

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