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Cathleen Fillmore is a well-known consultant to speakers who want to reach the six figure income level. She also owns and operates Speakers Gold bureau.

Cathleen Fillmore

Founder, Speakers Gold Bureau


Cathleen knows the speaking market inside out.  Her clients are highly accomplished people new to the speaking market and well established speakers who want to take their careers to new levels.

Cathleen graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a double major in English literature and Psychology.  She has a strong journalistic background, having written five books and more than 300 articles for trade publications. Her most recent book, The Six Figure Speaker gets five star reviews on

Cathleen uses her writing skills to help her clients create compelling copy that positions them at the top of their market.  
She is a member of Meeting Planners International and of the MPI Industry Trends Panel. She's a certified consultant with the American League of Consultants and an Adult Education specialist and also former Event Chair for the American Chamber of Commerce Canada.  

Cathleen also holds an annual Talent Search called 'So You Think You Can Speak' where the audience votes for the top amateur speaker of the year. She runs the bureau, holds seminars across North America and works with a few select clients one-on-one.