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Clinical Thermologist

Breast Thermography of Middle TN is a franchise of BRAS: Breast Research Awareness & Support. We serve the Davidson/Williamson county areas of Tennessee. Breast thermography is the use of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI).
This procedure is based on the principle that metabolic activity and vascular circulation in both pre-cancerous tissue and the area surrounding a developing breast cancer is almost always higher than in normal breast tissue. In an ever-increasing need for nutrients, cancerous tumors increase circulation to their cells by holding open existing blood vessels, opening dormant vessels, and creating new ones (neoangiogenesis). This process frequently results in an increase in regional surface temperatures of the breast. DITI uses ultra-sensitive medical infrared cameras and sophisticated computers to detect, analyze, and produce high-resolution images of these temperature variations. Because of DITIs extreme sensitivity, these temperature variations may be among the earliest signs of breast cancer and/or a pre-cancerous state of the breast.
Current methods used to detect suspicious signs of breast cancer depend primarily on the combination of both physical examination and mammography. While this approach has become the mainstay of early breast cancer detection, more is needed. Since the absolute prevention of breast cancer has not become a reality as of yet, efforts must be directed at detecting breast cancer at its earliest stage. As such, the addition of DITI (Breast Thermography) to the frontline of early breast cancer detection brings a great deal of good news for women.
Thermography is an alternative for women who either don't qualify for; or who do not wish to participate in mammography for whatever reason. It is a radiation-free, no touch, and simple alternative. Additionally, unlike traditional mammography, your report is interpreted and results returned to you within 24 hours, not weeks. This permits you to talk with your physician regarding the next steps for your treatment, should there be a need. While we want to be clear that thermography is not a replacement for traditional mammography, it is certainly an effective adjunct to. Thermography is also effective at detecting many more abnormalities in the body, in all regions of the body. We will explore some of those with you during your first DITI procedure. It is recommended thermography be conducted initially, then at a 3 month interval to provide you and your health care provider with a base-line of your body picture; then annually thereafter.
This procedure is one more weapon in our arsenal of prevention, permitting us to all take back the responsibility of participating in our own health care.
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