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Class TitleNo Website Yet? 5 Success Strategies to Market Your Business Now Using Social Media
Class TypeVideo
CategorySocial Media
Original Date05/05/2011 (1:00PM - 2:00PM EST)
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No Website Yet? 5 Success Strategies to Market Your Business Now Using Social Media

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

1.    How social media has leveled the marketing playing field for start-ups and how you can take advantage.
2.    Why it’s important to establish a “beachhead’ for your reputation and how to do that quickly
3.    How to double your visibility on the web with the “findability 2-fer”
4.    Why blogging is good for you and why Google will “reward” you for it.
5.    Where to find free opportunities to promote your business so potential customers can find you.

Whenever you’re promoting your business through social media, always remember:

Transparency, trust & credibility are key
•    Use consistent branding on all your profiles
•    Actively build your networks
•    Be helpful, and give away free help without expecting to be paid
•    Share your progress on projects through blogs or on YouTube. People LOVE it!


Here’s a great example about the power of social media in marketing small businesses. Just this week an entrepreneur reported the following results from 3 different marketing efforts:

•    Spent $15,000 on direct mail, got 200 new customers
•    Spent $7,500 on a billboard, got 300 new customers
•    Spent $0 on twitter, got 1800 new customers!!


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About the Presenter

Linda Kempin

Founder & CEO

Her career has spanned over 20 years in marketing -- initially in corporate roles within American Express and Ernst & Young, where she managed the development of award-winning communications as well as new product introductions and highly effective PR campaigns. In 2007 she became a marketing consultant and then launched BoostMyWebTraffic in 2010 to strengthen the Web presence of entrepreneurs and small businesses through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design/refresh, social media, ... full bio 

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