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Class TitleThe Mental Shift: Moving From Fear to Flow (Three Part Series)
Class TypeVideo
Original Date03/31/2011 (1:00PM - 1:45PM EST)
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The Mental Shift: Moving From Fear to Flow


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Don't let fear hold you back any longer!

Lisa Molina's clients often come to her frustrated, some desperate, on seeking a solution on how to better their finances and/or how to have their businesses be more profitable. Other clients simply require a slight course correction, or a perspective of thinking bigger. 

Lisa assists them with moving from fear to flow. This is what she calls The Mental Shift and this is what she's going to help you do on her three part webinar series.

Fear is created by being overwhelmed or confused at the first or next step.  If one stays in fear, the fear will continue to grow.  

To move from fear, a person requires a mental paradigm shift to "out-create" the fear and in it's place have a much greater vision. From Lisa's experience, no matter what is done externally, without the internal work, the business results will be short lived.

When you understands this aspect, you can begin to identify how to be more responsible for your next move. These baby steps lead right into the "Action Adjustment".

Lisa's three part series will breakdown the 3 main components of the Mental Shift.

Part One - Depart From the Old
In the first segment, Lisa will guide you through your current environment and help you to take a look at the decisions you're making. Being aware is the first step to departing from the old ways of thinking, and old behaviors that are not working. She will also cover what she calls "the Action Adjustment", which will be key in making the changes necessary along the way.

Part Two - Look at Your Decisions
In this next segment, Lisa will show what's next, from where you are now, and making decisions for the future. She'll help you set attainable goals as it relates to what makes your heart happy, so to ensure no negative mental conversations. This is the most important part of creating our flow. It's from here that the action begins. 

Part Three - Action, Action, and More Action
The final part of this series is all about implementing. Here, Lisa will help you set up systems for monitoring and further expansion, and how to be more responsible for your next move, so to keep you in motion. The baby steps that Lisa will teach you in this three part series will lead you right in to ensuring your passion and purpose is aligning with where you want to go.

Participants will also have the opportunity to ask Lisa questions during the Q&A timeframe at the end of the webinar.

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About the Presenter

Lisa Molina

Founder, MindFlight

Lisa’s alignment with an International Success Education and Positive Media Company has been a life-changing experience for her. As a longstanding top marketer in the company, she has a team thousands strong right around the world. Company trainer, educator, and Social Media trainer, Lisa is well respected and consistently contributes as a part of the Global leadership team. Being a mentor for many entrepreneurs, Lisa’s motto is 'Lead by Example'. Her ability to think rationally and relate ... full bio 

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