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Class TitleProtect Your Business Through a Trademark and a Valuable Brand
Class TypeVideo
CategoryBranding & PR
Original Date10/28/2010 (1:00PM - 2:00PM EST)
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Protect Your Business Through a Trademark and a Valuable Brand


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Cheryl Hodgson represents business owners, authors and celebrities, as well as E-Commerce based businesses in creating business structures, partnerships, joint ventures and contractual matters. Cheryl has a passion for helping her clients grow their business value through Intellectual Property (IP), including strong brands.

If your business is selling a product or service, why not learn to use IP to increase the value of your business as it growsIt’s never too soon to start out with the right game plan in mind

Imagine, a recent report shows major companies now use valuable IP, including trademarks and brands, as one would any other valuable asset, for securing financing and funding other company obligations.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What is “Intellectual Property”
  • How Intellectual Property Relates to the value of your Business.
  • Why proper selection, use, registration, and enforcement is so important and how to do so.
  • Why you should avoid descriptive and generic terms.
  • How to leverage your brands and IP through licensing to third parties.

You’ll also have a chance to ask Cheryl your questions during the Q&A at the end of this seminar.


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About the Presenter

Cheryl Hodgson

CEO, Hodgson Law Group

Attorney Cheryl Hodgson serves as a trusted advisor who guides clients to successfully protect and profit from their valuable ideas through legal protection of all forms of Intellectual Property in all channels of distribution including Internet and New Media. She also serves at outside general counsel to companies in a variety of industries including, natural foods and consumer products, entertainment and publishing. Cheryl guides companies in successful business formation, contract ... full bio 

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