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Class TitleSleep Train Your Baby and Boost Your Revenues
Class TypeVideo
Original Date08/24/2010 (1:00PM - 2:00PM EST)
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Sleep Train Your Baby and Boost Your Revenues


Teach your baby to sleep, and have time to rest and focus on your business.

Baby sleep challenges are without a doubt the number one topic of conversation among parents. If you are an entrepreneur, your baby’s sleep challenges are definitely impacting your business’ bottom line.

Sleep deprivation costs U.S. businesses nearly $150 billion annually in lost productivity, as it impairs the quality and accuracy of our work; clear thinking and judgment; and the memory of important details. How is it impacting your business?

If your baby’s poor sleep habits are getting in the way of your life and your business, you can’t afford missing this webinar!

You will learn how to teach your baby to sleep, so you can get your well-deserved rest and focus on your business. These are the main areas covered:

1.Understanding your baby’s sleep needs & cycles (month by month guide)
2.Choosing the best sleep training method for your family
3.Building your Customized sleep training plan
4.Implementing your sleep training plan



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About the Presenter

Diana Gonzalez Blanco

Founder and CEO

Diana is a Certified Youth, Parenting and Family Coach; a Baby and Toddler Sleep Expert; and founder of Smooth Parenting, an infant sleep consultancy and parenting coaching firm. Diana has an impressive track record of helping families teach their babies to sleep. She develops a personalized sleep and schedule strategy for the families she works with, after analyzing their parenting preferences, lifestyle and family dynamics. Her approach to sleep training and parenting is gentle, effective, ... full bio 

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