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Class TitleShe Factor Marketing
Class TypeVideo
Original Date06/24/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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She Factor Marketing

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Secrets to Tapping into Her Buying Psychology

Women aren't just a niche market anymore. They are THE largest growing segment of the population across every brand... and they have expendable income! Join us to discover:

  • Why the marketing we've used for nearly 100 years finally needs an update (and how to make YOUR marketing more effective)
  • The 5 easy factors that must be present at all stages of marketing to women (skip just one of them and you're likely to lose her loyalty forever)
  • What her innermost values are so you can speak her language for long-term connection (HINT: If you're trying to sell hamburgers to vegetarians, you're barking up the wrong tree)
  • Exactly how to win her back if you've made major mistakes in the past (We can't change what was, but we can sure repair what IS)
  • Hypnotic tactics that move her toward taking action to what you want NOW (Signing up for your newsletter, buying a product, hiring you... whatever your goal is, Lorrie can show you how)
  • And more!

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About the Presenter

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Founder, Red Hot Copy

Her background in journalism and acting prepared her for the competitive AND creative nature of copywriting. 

Lorrie's words have sold products in a variety of industries including, nutritional supplements, professional speaking, the seminar business, hypnosis, health & fitness, biz op, and entrepreneurial services. After working closely with clients like international marketing dynamo Ali Brown, inspiring women's leader Ellie Drake, motivational speaker Les Brown, 'Millionaire Maker'

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