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Class TitleJoint Venture Your Way to Growth and Profits
Class TypeVideo
CategoryFinance & Legal
Original Date05/13/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Joint Venture Your Way to Growth and Profits

As a solo-professional or small business owner, you have very limited resources:  time, money, access, connections or knowledge. So collaborating with other solo-preneurs or businesses is essential to the survival and growth of your business.

With the right collaborative partners you will think bigger, achieve more, and have more fun!

5 key benefits of Joint Ventures
  • Expand your reach, exposure and visibility for your product or service by giving you access to new customers and/or referrals
  • Increase your sales and profits more quickly
  • Co-Create multiple streams of income
  • Speed to market
  • Save you money by sharing the risk and expenses

You will learn:
  • What Are Joint Ventures?
  • Why Are Joint Ventures Important for Solo-Preneurs and Small Business Owners? 
  • What Are some of the Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Joint Ventures
  • How Joint Venture is a Lot Like Dating
  • 9 Critical Success Factors that Could Make or Brake Any Partnership
  • A Few Profitable Ideas
  • Starting a JV Conversation can be Intimidating, How to Get Started
  • What are Some of the Takeaways
Plus you will receive this 24 page eBook as a bonus for attending:

Become a Joint Venture Maestro
JV Tips and Strategies for Solo-Preneurs, Internet Marketers
and Small Business Owners

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About the Presenter

Francine Allaire

Founding Partner, Supreme Social Media

In this role, she draws upon 20+ years, as an award-winning sales, marketing and strategic alliance executive working for global industry leaders in the high tech and consulting industries. For over two decades, she has been building sales and alliance teams, developing long term client relationships, forming profitable partnerships and providing solutions and successful outcomes to corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Well known for her expertise, she has personally negotiated over $

... full bio 

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