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Class TitleOooh La La Selling: How To Attract Customers FAST!
Class TypeVideo
CategorySales & Distribution
Original Date05/20/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Oooh La La Selling: How To Attract Customers FAST!

Here's what you'll learn in this webinar:

1.    How to attract customers vs chasing them!

2.    Understand the MAIN REASON why people buy (and why they don't!)

3.    How to use an inexpensive and powerful marketing tool to grow your revenues

4.    3 biggest sales mistakes that are draining your bank account

5.    How to get credibility FAST (even if you're new)

6.    The WORST and BEST things to say to a prospect

7.    And much more sassy and savvy Sales Diva advice!


  A DELICIOUS phrases that will make you CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT SELLING - Yahoo!
  The secrets to WHY customers buy (and also why they DON'T)
  How to create an "unpaid" sales-force who sell for you daily!
  How the Post Office can help you grow your sales (you'll never believe this tip!)
  How to make LOADS more money with this SIMPLE idea (that costs you nothing)

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About the Presenter

Kim Duke

CEO & Founder, The Sales Diva

Her extensive sales background was based in the media - 15 years working with two of Canada's largest national television networks in sales and management.  

She is a national award winning salesperson - and was the second youngest sales manager in Canada for CBC Television (Canada's oldest network).

Now Kim is a successful entrepreneur - providing training for companies internationally.  She recently was in Vegas and was one of the key conference speakers (which included Jack Canfield

... full bio 

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