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Class TitleDatabase Marketing for Divas
Class TypeVideo
Original Date05/06/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Database Marketing for Divas

How to set up a customer database, segment it into niches and market the heck out of it for new business and add-on business from customers.

-  Is your customer database on index cards or the back of a napkin?

-  Do you have a large list but wonder, how can I get them to convert to sales?

-  Do you have a lot of visitors to your page or blog but don't capture their names?

The Database Diva is here to help!

It's a fact: The female brain is predominantly hard wired for empathy. That's why we're so good at building relationships and why were perfectly positioned to deploy our customer databases to enrich our lives and advance our professional aspirations.

Each of us has unique subject-matter expertise that makes our point of view and talents valuable to customers, employers, non-profits, boards and friends. But we can't be of maximum service - or show up on anyone's radar - if we don't have a database marketing strategy.

Join Lori for a meaty, tactic-packed workshop with multiple checklists of actionable items that will propel your marketplace reach, find you more referrals, speaking opportunities, media interviews and all around better clients and make you look like to your competitors like you're *everywhere*.

  •     Why You Need a Database (and a Shopping Cart, Excel, Outlook and PDAs Are Not Databases)
  •     Segmenting Your Database
  •     Incorporating Web Forms
  •     Blending in Social Media
  •     Prospecting vs. Customer Care
  •     The 3-Legged Stool of Database Marketing:

               o    Email Marketing
               o    Email Newsletters
               o    Drip Marketing

  •     Case Studies and Q&A
  •     Wrap Up

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About the Presenter

Lori Feldman

Founder, The Database Diva

Lori Feldman is known as "The Database Diva" because she helps entrepreneurs, sales teams and marketing departments squeeze more profit and get more referrals by integrating their customer list with their social media communities. She is a national speaker, author and veteran Social CRM consultant. Her e-newsletter, "The Database Marketing Hotwire," won the APEX Award for newsletter writing excellence two years in a row and she is a recipient of the Direct Marketer of the Year Award from the DMA... full bio 

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