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Class TitleFacebook is Your Children's Online Playground... Are You Watching?
Class TypeVideo
CategorySocial Media
Original Date04/13/2010 (1:00PM - 1:45PM EST)
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Facebook is Your Children's Online Playground... Are You Watching?

Sex, Drugs... Now Facebook?

Yes, it's true. Now there is ONE MORE thing we as parents have to have the talk about. Technology has brought many wonderful things into our lives. We have monitors that let us watch our babies while they sleep. We can TIVO our kids favorite shows while they are studying. We are only a phone or a text message away at any time. However, with all the great things technology has offered us, it has also introduced some potential downsides as well.

A new Kinsey Report shows that the average America youngster spends every waking minute online, other than the time they are in school. How can a parent monitor a worldwide playground? One way is to be on that same playground!

With more than 400 million users, Facebook is social force unlike anything parents have faced before. It's just as important as parents to understand what goes on in this playground as it is to watch out for our kids in the neighborhood park. The Facebook Playground puts children on a very public worldwide stage and understanding the pleasures and risks will help you monitor as well as participate in this area of your children's lives.

Victoria Colligan, founder of Ladies Who Launch interviews the Supreme Social Media team on their newly published book, the Facebook Guide For Parents

Parents will be surprised to learn:

-    Easily overlooked privacy setting traps
-    Tips on how to avoid cyber-bullying
-    Do's and dont's of interacting with your child on Facebook
-    Find out how strangers see your childs page
-    Learn how joining groups and fanning pages can affect your childs privacy

Facebook® Guide for Parents, written by Supreme Social Media, is a step by step 100+ page guidebook and 12 short videos focusing on using Facebook as another window into your children's life, friends, attitudes and online actions. Parents will be able to use the guidebook or follow the short and easy videos to learn quickly the how-to's of setting up their profile, securing it with privacy settings, tips on how to handle cyber-bullies along with strategies for being on Facebook without being in their kids' faces about it.

Facebook® Guide for Parents is a guidebook with visual instructions on privacy, safety, friending, cyber bullying and much more. No fuss. No muss. Just simple and to the point step-by-step instructions with screen shots and video tutorials! Teach your kids to be savvy and safe Facebook users!

Facebook® Guide for Parents is a perfect step-by-step that will show you how to start a conversation with your kids about online safety and privacy.

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Supreme Social Media

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We LOVE Facebook

Our company Supreme Social Media launched to teach business professionals how to engage and use social media platforms, such as Facebook, to enhance and build a client base and online reputation.  In addition, we have all used Facebook to connect to long lost friends, relatives and engage in conversations with other people outside our normal sphere of influence.

In our research on the business aspects of connecting, we realized how many people, especially children, are not aware

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