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Class TitleMake your Idea, Brand and Sales Sizzle!
Class TypeVideo
CategorySales & Distribution
Original Date04/01/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Product and Media Readiness - Communicate Your Wow! Make your Idea, Brand and Sales Sizzle!

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Click here to listen to our interview with Robyn.

Adding The "Wow" Factor:

Why do some products sizzle while others sizzle out? Robyn Spizman, one of the foremost gift experts in the country and co-author of Where's Your Wow? 16 Ways To Make Your Competition Wish They Were You!  will tell you how to add the wow factor to your product and what you can do to increase the sizzle. She'll help you present and package your product in a way that makes it irresistible. Don't launch a product without her timely advice!  

Product Readiness:

Your product is a wow!  But, is your product ready to launch?  Product readiness is a life long journey. Products must grow, change, improve and learn. Plus, if you've already launched, what do you need to know to take it from Ideation to Creation and beyond?  Robyn Spizman, leading product expert and National Bestselling author helps you know if you really have a winner and how to prepare and perfect it for greatness.

Media Readiness:

OK. You've got the goods and dreaming of media appearances and attention? Let Robyn Spizman who has appeared in the media for over three decades help you catapult your visibility factor. From TV to Radio to Print and social media networking, Spizman will tell you what makes a business, product or service media savvy, selected and ready for  prime time! You'll be so glad you tuned in to this can't miss session.

Other Tips:

*  How do you know if your product is a wow?  
Promoting Your Product - Who Are You Going To Call? Three things you can do today to increase your business tomorrow!
*  The Biggest Mistake Product Companies Make That You Must Avoid
*  How To Team Up And Create Alliances To Make Your Dream Work
The Ordering Issue - How Do I Know If Enough is Enough?
*  It's All In The Packaging?  How Does The Package Play A Role?
*  How to make a "Wow" Product Impression?
*  How To Make Your Business A Gift!  
*  Cause Marketing - How To Team Up With Non-profits And Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving!
*  Product Pitfalls - What You Need To Know To Outlast the Rest?
Building Your Press Room - Why Is That Essential For Every Company?  

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About the Presenter

Robyn Spizman

Chief Gift Officer,

Robyn is the Chief Gift Officer of Robyn serves as one of America's foremost product and gift experts and is a nationally recognized media personality and of New York Times Best Selling author. She has written and co-authored dozens of books including Wheres Your Wow? 16 Ways To Make Your Competitors Wish They Were You! and Take This Book To Work and Will Work From Home: Earn the Cash Without the Commute (with Tory Johnson)  Appearing often on the Today Show, she is well ... full bio 

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