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Class Title7 Instant Income Boosters
Class TypeVideo
Original Date04/22/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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7 Instant Income Boosters

How would you like to learn exactly how to catapult your small business to the top of its industry without spending a dime on marketing?

Jessica will to introduce you to 7 Instant Income Boosters, her personal step-by-step system for generating hundreds and thousands of high-quality leads that quickly convert to quality customers and clients.

The bottom line is that if you aren't utilizing these proven shoestring marketing strategies, then you NEED to jump on board. Small business owners are realizing revolutionary results and I am going to reveal my paint-by-number system on how YOU can tap into the power of low-cost, high-impact marketing strategies as well.

This Webinar Is Tailor-Made For You and Your Small Business, If:

  You're spending too much time and money marketing your business.
  You want more clients and/or customers immediately.
  You are in dire need of bringing more visitors to your website or storefront.
  You desperately need to convert more visitors to paying customers or clients.
  You want proven strategies for instant and immediate income.

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Learn:

  The missing link for most small business owners - once you understand this, your business will never be the same.

  How to avoid a HUGE mistake that most small business owners make - and this mistake costs them a LOT of money!

  One simple change that you can make IMMEDIATELY that will transform your business - in fact, I can personally attest that it will ultimately TRIPLE your sales.

  Why most small businesses lose sales every single day of the week.

  The absolute #1 most important thing that you can do for your business for short-term and long-term cash flow.

  A powerful marketing strategy that will put your heads and shoulders above your competitors.

  AND FINALLY... the most underutilized marketing strategy available - that will bring you huge results.

Jessica is looking forward to helping you make a big splash (on a shoestring budget) with your small business!

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About the Presenter

Jessica Swanson

Founder, Shoestring Marketing

After obtaining her M.S. in Written Communications, Jessica launched her own small business and spent thousands of hours personally researching and applying proven marketing strategies to grow her business.

Jessica became especially passionate about free marketing strategies and found that they often worked better than paid marketing. As a result, Jessica quickly built a thriving small business using 100% no-cost marketing techniques.

Soon after, entrepreneurs and small business owners began

... full bio 

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