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Class TitleMastering your Business presence on Facebook using your Personal profile
Class TypeVideo
CategorySocial Media
Original Date02/25/2010 (1:00PM - 2:30PM EST)
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Mastering your Business presence on Facebook using your Personal profile

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Facebook, your Market LIVES Here -
Leveraging Social Media to Virally Grow your Business and connect with your Target Market.

Facebook is a thriving business tool creating powerful revenue streams yet less than 1% of its users fully maximize its potential. Chances are you are missing out!

Facebook now boasts more than 350 million users; this unprecedented opportunity represents a goldmine for entrepreneurs who are now on the same playing field with mega brands. The social media wave is happening with or without you. Discover how you can be the voice that is remembered and not just the voice that is heard.

Looking for leads? There are hundreds of thousands of people smack dab in your target market wanting to learn more about your expertise. You've got to love that!  But how do you go about finding these people and how do you engage and develop a relationship?

Join us for this information packed workshop and jumpstart your Social adventure, discover how to find like minded people and develop authentic relationships while spreading the word about your business.

Walk away with a solid Facebook presence, discover how to use your social networking time creatively and efficiently, create measurable results and love networking in your PJs!

Mastering your Business presence on Facebook using your Personal profile

  • Discover the power of Social Media Marketing and Facebook
  • Why you need Facebook® for business
  • How to create a Facebook® Profile
  • You are your brand - How to personalize your profile to match your brand  
  • Understanding your Settings: account, privacy, search, wall privacy, and applications
  • Where to find friends
  • Creating your branded Facebook® user name URL
  • Maximizing the impact of your Facebook® wall for brand awareness
  • How to add photos and video
  • Building friend lists
  • Facebook® For Business Checklist For Using Your Personal Profile for business

Thursday  Feb 25th - 90 minute webinar: 75 teaching - 15 min Q&A
Tuesday March 2nd - 45 min Q&A (Email communication will be sent out)

We will offer a bonus Question and Answer session with each phase of the process so you can get up and running quickly.  Take each class, go away and put the tips to work and then come back and receive additional support.

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About the Presenter

Lisa McKenzie & Kathryn Rose

Partners, Supreme Social Media

Lisa McKenzie is the social media columnist for Canada for and Certified Social Media Strategist and Joint Venture Specialist.  She's a founding member of the International Social Media Association, a speaker, trainer and founder of two web communities devoted to women, Deserving Divas and Divas Do It Socially. Voted a "Noisemaker of the Year" by the Montreal Mirror, her enthusiasm and passion for the business opportunities that Facebook offers are infectious and her more than 5,000... full bio 

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