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Class TitleBecome a Six Figure Speaker
Class TypeVideo
CategoryBranding & PR
Original Date02/11/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Become a Six Figure Speaker

Position Yourself as an Expert by Becoming a Professional Speaker:

Take advantage of the opportunities in this fascinating field.

Want to get well paid for speaking? Good news!  There have never been more opportunities.  The bad news is most people don't understand this market.  Let Cathleen show you how to master this fascinating field and become well known as a professional speaker.  
YOU supply the passion, integrity and powerful delivery

In this webinar, Cathleen will give you a step-by-step plan on how to excel in the speaking market.  

Join Cathleen Fillmore, speaker bureau owner, author and top consultant to speakers as she shows you how to make money on the speaking circuit.  

In the Becoming a Six Figure Speaker webinar you will learn:

  •     How to turn your passion, skills and interests into speaking and seminar topics
  •     Tips on how to identify your market who wants to hear your message?
  •     How to establish your credibility as an expert use what and who you know
  •     Speaking skills ways to help you seem like a pro (even if you're not YET)
  •     Create speeches that will keep them TALKING
  •     Learn how to get top dollar for your speaking engagements

Internationally known bureau owner and consultant to speakers, Cathleen Fillmore knows the speaking market inside out.  In this webinar, she shares her secrets on how to get top returns from your speaking engagement and create another excellent stream of income.

Burning Questions and Answers in regards to the speaking career:

1.    Does the speaking profession have my name on it?

  •  That's something only you can answer.  Great speakers have widely different backgrounds and approaches to the market.  Some are extroverts and some are introverts and while they have very different methods of delivery, what they share is a passion for getting their message out to people. Chances are good that if you keep being drawn to the speaking industry or are asked to speak that it does have your name on it.  Welcome to a fascinating profession that allows you to stretch yourself, reach a larger audience, increase your profile and also add another stream to your income, a profession that will give you an exciting learning curve to master.

2.    What do you need to start?

  • Start with a burning desire, a strong message stated in compelling terms and an audience.  And there are all sorts of ways to find that paying audience.  You need well designed well written promotional materials that clearly state the promise you're making to the audience on how they'll benefit from hearing you speak.

3.    Can you make serious money in this field today?

  • Yes, if you're very dedicated and willing to change your business model when necessary to fit the needs of your buyer and your audience.  When purse strings are tightly held, you need to offer your message in a more affordable package.  Instead of a keynote, offer a breakout session.  When banking consultant Roxanne Emmerich lost huge speaking contracts right after September 11, 2001, she simply changed her business model.  She's one of North America's most successful speakers.  

Interesting facts about Cathleen Fillmore:

Ten years ago, Cathleen sold her house, quit her teaching job and moved to Nova Scotia to dedicate herself to her writing, something shed wanted to do since she was six years old. And she found, very quickly, that this, in fact, was NOT the life she wanted. Cathleen did not want to spend her life behind a computer in her pajamas and only hang out with other writers. So she began to write business articles, started a local branch of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers and a newsletter for speakers.  Three years later, Cathleen moved back to Toronto and began consulting with speakers and opened Speakers Gold bureau. She still does lots of writing, mostly in area of professional speaking.  It just wasn't the writing she originally intended.

Freebie Bonus:
eBook: The Money Magnet: Rise to the top as a professional speaker as you gain a huge following and make an excellent income.

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About the Presenter

Cathleen Fillmore

Founder, Speakers Gold Bureau

Cathleen knows the speaking market inside out.  Her clients are highly accomplished people new to the speaking market and well established speakers who want to take their careers to new levels.

Cathleen graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a double major in English literature and Psychology.  She has a strong journalistic background, having written five books and more than 300 articles for trade publications. Her most recent book, The Six Figure Speaker gets five star

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