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Class Title5 Steps to Creating A Powerful Attraction Marketing Plan
Class TypeVideo
Original Date01/14/2010 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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5 Steps to Creating A Powerful Attraction Marketing Plan


Join Laura West, Fresh Entrepreneur Expert and Business Coach to Create Your Attraction Marketing Success Plan!

Listen to this interview by Laura West.

Ladies Who Launch has partnered with Laura West, Founder and President of The Center for Joyful Business, as their Fresh Entrepreneur Expert. Laura created a Fresh Entrepreneur workshop and workbook package for the LWL Market Directors to host around the U.S., Canada and soon worldwide as well as, offers Fresh Entrepreneur Expert advice to the Ladies Who Launch community on our website.

No doubt you've heard about the Laws of Attraction from everyone from Oprah Winfrey to your local bookseller.  Laura West, Attraction Expert and Business Coach will show you how to finally harness the power of attraction into creating success in your business.  Even with attraction you need to do more than go with the flow you need a focused plan.

When you send the universe focused energy you get back focused opportunities!

Join Laura West, our Ladies Who Launch, Fresh Entrepreneur Expert, in this business-shifting webinar where you'll make  this year your best year ever by jumping into your business success in a bigger way.  Laura will share her 7 step blueprint to create a powerful attraction plan so your marketing will create more visibility, credibility & success!

What we love about Laura is that she knows how to make the mindset work practical so you can really apply it to your business and see real results!

In this juicy & jammed packed webinar you'll learn:

  •     What is law of attraction and how can I really use it to be successful in my business?
  •     How to go from wishing to manifesting real success
  •     Why traditional marketing plans don't work for women entrepreneurs
  •     A 7 Step Blueprint for Creating Your Own Attraction Marketing Plan
  •     3 Most Powerful Marketing Mindsets that will shift your marketing from wimpy to WOW!
  •     What is YOUR Divine Secret Sauce and how will that help you attract more clients?


Free for all attendees:

As a bonus for attending you will receive:

  • Business Goddess manifesto
  • Free inspirational download
  • Its time to tap into your inner business goddess

Start your day in a whole new powerful way by reading the Business Goddess Manifesto. It will inspire you, remind you of your innate power and tap into your confidence in the work you are bringing into the world!

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About the Presenter

Laura West

President & Founder, The Center for Joyful Business

As a certified business coach, author and speaker, she has helped 1000's of women entrepreneurs create a successful business filled with passion, purpose and prosperity. She is known for making marketing simple and fun for passion-based business owners.

Ms. West is the author and creator of Joyful Business Guide Home Study System, which combines the power of attraction principles with smart business strategies and author of the upcoming book, Awaken Your Inner Business Goddess. She is a highly

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