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Class TitleFunding Strategies for Your Business: How to Attract Investors and Find Sponsors
Class TypeVideo
CategoryFinance & Legal
Original Date12/03/2009 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Funding Strategies for Your Business: How to Attract Investors and Find Sponsors

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Special Report:   Learn how to attract extraordinary people to create extraordinary results in your business by building an ADVISORY TEAM.

Watch this video from Maria Simone.

Is the lack of funds holding you back from your DREAM of LAUNCHING YOUR OWN BUSINESS?

Are you listening to the news reports that say no money is available for small businesses?

STOP, don't listen--there IS money available and Maria Simone will show you how to go and get yours. 

Since 1991, Maria has started 4 businesses around her concepts and has raised over $1.5 million for various projects! 

1.    There is no one way to fund your business. There are dozens of strategies to choose from so pick the ones that are best for your situation.
2.    Your passion, your confidence and your willingness to go the distance is what investors look for.
3.    The more scalable your business is (able to handle unlimited growth), the easier it is to attract money and resources.
4.    Build a team! Its not always the money that you need---its usually people who bring their expertise and contacts.
5.    Take control of your situation! Its often the entrepreneurs own beliefs about money and success that determine how fast theyll attract investors and customers.
Maria will address three burning questions and give you plenty of ideas on how to tackle the funding for your business:

o    Is it still possible to raise money in this economy?
o    What has changed about financing a business over the past 2 years? 
o    What is really the best way to fund your business?
Women initiate 74% of all new business start-ups and by 2010 women will the have the majority of wealth in America. Investors are paying attention to women! Lets use this to our advantage.

In this information packed 75 minute webinar you will learn:

-Tips to Overcome the SINGLE BIGGEST OBSTACLE standing between YOU as an entrepreneur and all the resources you need.
-5 Key Elements that must be in place to make you more ATTRACTIVE TO THE MONEY.
-4 Simple FUNDING STRATEGIES you can use for any business.
-INSIDE SECRETS to finding the right investors at the right time.

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About the Presenter

Maria Simone

Founder & President, DreamScout, LLC

Maria Simone is a dynamic speaker, trainer, author, coach and champion of inventors and entrepreneurs. She is a the Founder and President of DreamScout, LLC, a transformational business development firm and serves as Director of Business Development for The Womens Information Network. As the Passion To Prosperity Diva, she has helped thousands of people over the years access the resources they need to create their own success in a conscious business. Marias visionary talents support clients with... full bio 

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