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Class TitleStep by Step Guide to Building Your Multi-Million Dollar Business
Class TypeVideo
Original Date10/29/2009 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Step by Step Guide to Building Your Multi-Million Dollar Business

It's easier than you THINK

Step by Step Strategies for Success

If you are thinking about becoming or have already made the leap to the freedom of owning your own business this webinar is a MUST for you!

Decisions, decisions... How do you decide if you want to create a service business, an entrepreneurial business, or an enterprise?

The key is to KNOW the steps to build your business, whatever you decided it to be, with a STRONG FOUNDATION, no matter what level you are at.

Watch this video from Kelly O'Neil

In this MUST SEE information-packed webinar you will:


  •     Learn 7 Simple Strategies to set up your business for SUCCESS
  •     Determine whether or not entrepreneurship is right for you for "maybe" business owners
  •     Know how to build a strong foundation for your business (Business Planning, Entity Formation, Key Team Members)
  •     Get the KEYS to running your business like a million-dollar Enterprise... even if you don't have money for marketing or staff
  •     Discover Cash flow secrets how to keep the green flowing... even in a tough economy

Step by Step Strategies for Success

Secrets to Success In Entrepreneurship
    Is it right for you?
    The Entrepreneur Mindset
    Top 7 Strategies To Create Success

Creating the Foundation for a Successful Company
    Do you want a Service Business, An Entrepreneurial Business or an Enterprise
    Build Your Company with a Strong Foundation No Matter What Level You Are (Business Planning, Entity Formation, Key Team Members)

Keys to Accelerating Growth and Achieving Results
    Clarity of Vision
    Team (Creative Ideas for Teams on a Budget)
    Consistent Marketing

Invest for Success
    How to create a cash flow infusion even in a tough economy
    The most important places to invest your money
    Creative financing options to fund your dream

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About the Presenter

Kelly O'Neil

CEO, UpLevel Strategies, Inc.

Kelly is no stranger to the good life. Having been raised in an affluent family in the Silicon Valley where private planes and luxury vacation homes were a way of life, she set out after college to create her own wealth... and succeed. Kelly combined her personal experience with her deep expertise in marketing and through extensive research developed the Marketing to Millionaires coaching programs.

A wife and step-mom to 3 little ones and 4 puppies, Kelly lives in the Silicon Valley and is an

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