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Class Title5 Simple Secrets to Building a Money Making List
Class TypeVideo
Original Date10/22/2009 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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5 Simple Secrets to Building a Money Making List

Discover How to Explode Your Profits With Your Own List of Hugely Responsive Loyal Fans Ready to Buy Your Products or Services.

With all the talk about list-building it's shocking how many business owners ignore this strategy. Professionals are too busy and don't think they need it. Traditional brick and mortar shops believe it doesn't apply to them. And most everyone is confused by conflicted advice, not sure what technology to use, and unsure how to get started.

But you'll finally get all the answers you need. Because you will learn secrets most people will never know how to increase subscriptions, get better response from your audience, and how to convince them to buy from you! Whether you're just getting started, or want to grow an existing list faster - this program will show you how.

Watch this video from Adam Urbanski

Here is exactly what you'll discover:

1. List building basics for beginners. In just minutes you'll master the required fundamentals - like terminology and technology. You'll understand why having your own opt-in list isn't an option. And you'll have all the info to make good decisions and quickly move forward.

2. The four core components of list building strategy. Understanding the entire process will allow you to focus on the right activities. If you already have a list but it's not growing fast enough or it's not responsive, this part of the training will give you the tools to quickly assess your situation and know how to fix it.

3. How to turn any website into a powerful subscription machine. You'll learn the basics of creating a powerful Attraction Tool and the secrets of creating simple pages that convert as much as nine out of ten visitors into subscribers! It'll surprise you when you see how easy it is to create high-performing list building websites.

4. How to turn a simple presentation into a self-perpetuating traffic machine bringing highly targeted visitors to your site. Plus other advances traffic generating and list building tactics that are mostly free or cost very little, and are very simple and fast to implement.

5. What exactly to send to your subscribers to keep your list fresh. How to get people to open your messages, click on your links, and buy your products. Note: If you think you have to be constantly giving away your best content to get people to open your messages, you'll be in for a big surprise!

I'll also share with you how to use your email marketing in tandem with your social networking efforts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Plus, we'll tackle some of your most pressing questions, like:

- What email broadcasting system should I use?
- How often should I be emailing people?
- How long should my messages be?
- What exactly do I write about?
- What should I promote to get the best results?

Bottom line, after this webinar you'll understand list-building as a strategy to explode your profits, and have a clear blueprint to how to quickly build a new list or put the growth of your current one into overdrive.

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About the Presenter

Adam Urbanski

President, Marketing Mentors

Adam Urbanski, president of Marketing Mentors, is a results-driven marketing strategist teaching business owners and professionals how to attract all the new customers and clients they can handle.

Originally from Poland, Adam immigrated to United States in 1989 with only $194 and limited ability to speak English. Within ten years he built several businesses with his largest success of co-owning and owning a small chain of fast-food restaurants.

Today, Mr. Urbanski works with entrepreneurs and

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