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Class TitleWebsite Optimizer
Class TypeVideo
CategorySocial Media
Original Date09/17/2009 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Website Optimizer

Website Optimizer: A Crash Course in Creating, Enhancing and Optimizing Your Website to Convert Users to Customers, Build Customer Loyalty, Attract Advertisers, and Dramatically Improve Your Bottom Line.

A 75 minute webinar designed to give you real tools for creating or enhancing your website to make it customer friendly and sales optimal.

Whether your goals are to grow traffic, increase email subscribers or make sales, this Webinar will give you the foundation for building a success-oriented platform.

What you can expect from this Webinar:

  • Website Must-Haves: Formatting, Navigation, Headlines, Copy, Load time, Contact Info.
  • Types of Sites: Advantages / Disadvantages: What is right for you?
  • Web Content: What works, what sells, what NOT to do
  • Integrating Social Media: Create complimentary platforms
  • Google Analytics: Metrics you need to track
  • Google Goals: What should yours be?
  • Website Optimizer: A tool you need to know about
  • Usability Testing: Find out what makes people leave versus stay on your website?
  • DIY vs Outsourcing
  • Business Makeover from the LWL Community (Early registrants are eligible)
  • LaunchWork: Creating your Custom Plan and Action Items

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About the Presenter

Brad Kleinman

Director of Education, WorkSmart eMarketing LLC

Brad decided at a very young age he did not want to be a typical 40-hour-a-week employee. Brad learned HTML in high school, and has been dabbling with web technology ever since.

Over the past several years, Brad has been Director of Business Development at a high growth web technology company and Associate Director of a local college. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at WorkSmart eMarketing LLC, an integrated marketing agency focused on helping clients grow with eMarketing and social

... full bio 

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