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Class TitleLaunch Your Invention
Class TypeVideo
CategoryProduct Development
Original Date09/24/2009 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Launch Your Invention

2>An In-Depth 10-Step Guide for Launching Any Product or Invention
Inventing a product consists of many steps and the journey can be a long one! What is most important is to make sure that you follow the steps in order to ensure the best possible opportunity for success.

There are many resources on the internet and in bookstores that will outline these steps. However, some of those resources have not taken certain things into consideration and the one that matters most is money.

Inventing takes creativity when it comes to funding your project and so the steps outlined below take "limited funds" into consideration and hopefully you can make the most with what you have.

Here's what you can expect from this Webinar:


Step 1 - Learn about the business of inventing and outline your goals. Are you looking to license your product idea to company or manufacture it yourself and sell to retailers?

Step 2 - Do a patent search - You MUST make sure that your idea is not already patented or patent pending by someone else or legal issues may arise!

Step 3 - Financing your invention business - Learn how to come up with money you need to develop and sell your products.

Step 4 - Asses the viability of your product - Far too often, aspiring  inventors spend tens of thousands of dollars doing CAD work, engineering, and other development work without finding out if anyone in the world would even buy their product. Avoid this pitfall!

Step 5 - Have a design firm review your product - If you plan to make and sell it to retailers, make sure that your product can actually be made the way you intended it to be made.

Step 6 - Develop the product - During the development stage, the product will now "come to life" as you will develop professional drawings and a working prototype.

Step 7 - Find a manufacturer - Finding the right factory to make your product efficiently and cost effectively is crucial to your success.

Step 8 - Branding - Web sites, logos, and taglines are the foundation of your company's image and how people perceive it.

Step 9 - Sales and Marketing preparation - Create a strategy to engage retail buyers and consumer alike!

Step 10 - Selling - This is what it all comes down to - sales! Learn how to effectively sell your product to major retailers.

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About the Presenter

Jim DeBetta

Retail Product Development Expert, Inventor Coach, Speaker, Author

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Jim is a nationally recognized speaker and invention blogger and has been featured in articles in leading publications and websites such as Entrepreneur Magazine,, and Newsday.

He is a Patron of the United Inventors Association, co-host of the weekly invention radio show Launch, and a staff writer for Inventors Digest.

Whether you are just starting out or have an organized business with retail-ready products, Jim helps inventors

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