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Class TitleLaunch Your Book
Class TypeVideo
Original Date11/05/2009 (1:00PM - 2:15PM EST)
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Launch Your Book


Proven Strategies and Step-by-Step Guidance to Get That Book Out of Your Head and into the World!

Have you been planning to write a book but just can't seem to get it done?

A book can be the bridge to media attention, business growth, and expert status, making the difference between struggle and success for a business woman.

In this information-packed webinar, you'll learn how to use a book to build your business, essential steps that will help you write your book quickly and easily, how to plan your book marketing strategy so that you have a sales system in place as soon as your book is ready, new publishing options that open the playing field and make it easier and faster to produce your book, and how to build your platform to attract media attention.

Christine Kloser and Lynne Klippel, of Love Your Life Publishing, Inc., are best-selling authors and publishers who specialize in teaching entrepreneurs how to get their book done and then use that book to grow their business.

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Launch Your Book

How do I prepare my manuscript for printing?

In order for your manuscript to be ready for print, youll take your book through four distinct phases of preparation.  Here are the phases of getting your book done that will you put your best foot forward when it comes to sending it off to the presses.

Phase 1 of Your Manuscript... The Rough Draft

This phase is where you simply write and write and write.  You get what's in your head onto paper WITHOUT paying attention to sentence structure, grammar, etc.  You literally "download" your information, without looking back at what's on the page.  Just let your fingers keep moving across the keyboard, and let your knowledge and wisdom get captured on paper.  The next phases will walk you through the process to polish this rough draft into a printable manuscript.  

Phase 2 of Your Manuscript... The Content Edit

Once your book's rough draft is completed, it's time to complete a content edit.  This is where you review the material for continuity; sometimes deleting sections or adding more material and making sure the book, as a whole, reads exactly how you want it to.  For this phase, I recommend you print your manuscript, pour yourself a cup of tea, get a red ball point pen, and read your manuscript.  Every time you have an idea to add to your book, or you see something that needs to change, put it down in red pen.  Once that's done, go back to your computer and make all the red marked changes in your digital document.  

Phase 3 of Your Manuscript... The Peer Review

Once your book's rough draft and content edit are complete, it's time for peer reviews.  Begin by simply selecting a few trusted colleagues, advisors and/or clients (who fit the target reader for your book) and ask them to review your manuscript, or at least a few chapters.  The purpose of their review is to provide you with feedback that improves the quality of your manuscript.  Let them know in advance you want them to critique the work and you won't take any of their comments personally.  Their job is to help you improve your manuscript so you present the best material possible.  This type of honest feedback is invaluable in the publishing process.    

Phase 4 of Your Manuscript... The Copy Edit

Once you've completed your rough draft, content edit and peer review, it's time for your copy edit.  This is the phase where you hire an experienced editor to correct your manuscript regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.  Copy editing puts the finishing touches on your book so it flows from sentence to sentence; helping your readers easily absorb the valuable information you're sharing on the pages of your book.

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About the Presenter

Christine Kloser & Lynne Klippel

Founders, Love Your Life Publishing

Christine Kloser is the best-selling author of The Freedom Formula and Executive Partner of Love Your Life Publishing.  Christine has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial authors to help them turn their book idea into book reality.  Her clients have used their books to gain national media exposure, add six-figures to their business, and position themselves as an expert in their field.  Christines own books have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Los Angeles Times,, Making ... full bio 

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