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Incubator Intensive Workshop

Nov 4, 2010

If you are thinking about a business idea, getting ready to launch a business, or need to jump start your current business, this workshop will give you the vision, clarity, action and celebration to achieve your goals! We meet for 4 weeks during a 2 hour session once a week. During the incubative process you work with other like-minded women in the group, gaining instant support and cooperative insight into your business venture! Finally you are not alone as an entrepreneur - you have other women who understand the nuances of starting a business. Imagine having your own focus group, or advisory board that looks at your business ideas in the most supportive way, and brainstorms with you on how to launch it or grow it.  You will also develop and refine your elevator pitch, and work on concrete goal planning. Through various exercises, you will gain confidence and clarity about your business.  

Additionally, you celebrate who you are and what you have accomplished. In the workshop you ask for what you need and you will receive an abundance of help for you and your business.  You brainstorm ideas, share information and sometimes make connections that literally change your course and grow your business.  After the workshop, you walk away knowing what makes you unique, and understanding the strengths you bring to your business platform which will help your business idea succeed and perform at its best level.  You will uncover your blind spots, and learn how to overcome those issues that keep you from propelling your idea or business forward. If you are stuck or have a problem to solve, the workshop helps you identify and surpass these roadblocks. After four weeks of intensive incubation, you are energized, motivated, and clear about your direction to succeed.

The Incubator Intensive workshop is for any woman, with any business or any project.  Whether you feel ‘stuck’ and need to get out of a rut, have hit a plateau in your business or just want to figure out what’s next, the Incubator Intensive increases momentum and clarifies the vision.  This workshop will launch you!

Tuesday November 16, 23, 30 and December 7 from 6-8pm

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